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  • Amphi Festival and DasKlub Meeting were awesome! Great to meet so many of you there! More pictures o
  • A photo from the Das Klub meeting (a still image from a video using Google Glass).
  • With Cyborg Predator Dance 
  • From laterst photoshoot! With DasKlub wrist band :)
  • ...and my first tatoo!!!!
  • my new look...ready for Amphi!!!
  • ajuaaa! :3 
Photo time!
  • With my inspiration
  • Me with the guys from Dolls of Pain
  • Me with Oscar from C-Lekktor
  • Me with Gyom from A7IE
  • https://www.facebook.com/Cyberc4t
  • Here's a photo of my sweet Cupid that was taken nore than 5 minutes ago
  • See you in Germany)
  • Hello!
I'm back. (?) n.n/
  • To Europe
  • Agonoize?
  • Posting the new Industrial Dance Community Project promotional picture here too ^^ You can download