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Industrial Dance Kommunity

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Newest photos
  • The mountain will not lower itself to you, you must raise yourself to it.
  • =D
  • I made it to the top of Mt. Rainier yesterday morning with this water bottle that had a Das Klub sti
  • Outfit created by my very talented , amazing Mom <3 
Make up and hair : @Porneia Penetrator
  • New video! Don't miss out!
  • when cosplay keeps you busy but you forget if your still goth or not but im still part cyberdog
  • Last year I began my transition from Industrial Dancer to Mountaineer. I have spent the last 2 month
  • Picture taken with my new fixed focal length lense, can't wait to takes pictures at the Amphi and sh
  • Flying.
  • Volle kraft voraus ich komme
  • Acid Rain. From my end time shooting with KaSch Photography.

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