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> > Do you wear goggles?

Do you wear goggles?

What are your opinions on goggle, do you wear them? If so, on you head, around your neck, on your wrist.. etc. Which ones do you have, if you have any?

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3 years ago 2014-09-25  

3 years ago

Got two but only wear one, sometimes and place varies, mostly neck or head...

They can look cool ^^

3 years ago

Yeah... X3

3 years ago

I wear silver ones with spikes on my head or on my vintage 1985 Harley Davidson biker cap. I seem to be the only person around who does, so I tend to get a lot of comments.

3 years ago

Oh I have to look where I have mine stored! >__>
I used them long time ago. They can look very cool. But they disturbed me often when I dance :P

2 years ago

Goggles don't match me so I don't wear then sadly. I wish u could though. >__<

1 year ago

Same as Bana, they don't suit me!!!

1 year ago

well my goggles are vintage got them online i dont really like them had them for 4 years and i dont look good with them being thinking about getting new ones that has spikes

9 months ago

I own a bunch of them. Even have some on the way in the mail :D

How I wear them depends if I can see through them, weight, etc.

It's probably my favorite accessory TBH, and I like to try mixing and inventing my own styles.
The new ones will have blink/LED lighting and I'm quite eager to try that. My favourite I had custom made and sent around the globe. Shop doesn't exist anymore, but they're heavy aluminium? (I think it is) shiny ones with bolts. Got some with spikes, different symbols or sci-fi stuff.. simple black ones, light metal ones I can see thorugh but others can't see into. Yeah... gotta love that junk (and don't get me startet on masks heheh)

8 months ago

I wear goggles. I hope to find a way to get prescription lenses for mine so I can wear mine over my eyes without having my vision impaired. I wear glasses regularly sadly.

3 months ago

actually no. I somehow don't like to have things on my head.
but if I found some decent ones, I might even consider buying them. because why not.

5 weeks ago

It feels odd if i dont wear any, so yes

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