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> > Have you mixed another culture into your outfit?

Have you mixed another culture into your outfit?

Have you mixed your cybergoth outfit with another style.
I've been mixing mine with punk, as there's almost no goth places in copenhagen Denmark. And I am going to a punk dominated place.
Only club I know in Denmark, is in the city called Odense, which is a two'n half hour train ride away.

Posted By: RA-Evolution RA-Evolution
7 months ago 2017-03-12  

7 months ago

I am gonna be putting together an outfit I call the Classy Cyber Goth. It will include rave pants, a black button down dress shirt with red stitching, a black trilby and black and red cyber dreads extensions I will tie into my hair.

6 months ago

What's the name of that club?

I try to add in whatever I can. I take inspiration from Hardstyle for instance ( https://www.cyberdog.net/ ) and add colored visors etc. I'm also adding more blinking stuff ( want to go full in with that one day ). I've tried steel armor from other sources and found that to work well. I also use a fur in my latest video ( It makes me feel like a rockstar, ok? ).
Maybe I should do an industrial dance in a leather jacket, death metal tee and big! sunglasses? I think I could make that work haha!
I think punk is kind of a natural thing to mix in. It's just nice that you can rip anything apart and still make it work. Gaffer tape, mud and trash in general just goes easier with it.
If I go opposite in some very glossy pants / male corset / top hat or whatever it just becomes limiting to afford the right things, and I like dancing in it less. It's tight and it can break.
Lately I've just become far more interested in making my own clothes. Man if only I had time for everything. But it's happening.

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