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Respirator color

My respirator has arrived. Only the good piece is still in gray, I would take black and red as a color. Only I would like to know what kind of color I should take. • Once it should be opaque and • Do not attack the material I got a Moldex 8000, Serie 8000-M ABEK1 & P3 RD
A real respirator.

I thank you ever for your help.

respirator - link: https://euro-industry.com/p...

Posted By: Morb1de Morb1de
6 months ago 2017-03-31  

6 months ago

What are you asking exactly?
Which color to use instead of the good piece? What's the good piece? Which colors can you choose from?

I'm sorry if I can't be of more help. I got a bunch of masks and stuff I use for certain looks (I don't remember the names) - but the one you've got is, as you say, used for filtering polluted air when you do messy work or whatever. That's not to say that it can't look good - but to my experience if you want to dance in it you best get rid of all the invisible internal stuff or you'll suffocate.
I think red sounds cool (I still don't know what part it is). If you want you could try painting it. I'm guessing whatever they use for model airplanes would work wonders here.

6 months ago

Stupid translation, I must take another words.
I was told that you could take synthetic resin. The color I would leave with red and black.
The parts for the pressure I have removed. I wanted to edit one side with some parts. Just like with LED and air supply.
The material of the "good piece / respirator" consists of a kind of rubber. The attachments are made of hard plastic.
The ribbons are probably made of synthetic material.

Under my first text is a link to the image of the respirator.

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