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Concorde Atlantique (Paris, France)

The Concorde Atlantique is a 3-floor boat located near the Orsay Museum in Paris, hosting different parties, in which several gothic and industrial ones. In the general gothic party, the Nightoo, one of the three floors is dedicated to gothic EBM and industrial music. The boat is also hosting the L-EKTROD, a fully industrial - aggrotech - cybergoth party.

Posted By: Nephelith Nephelith
2 weeks ago 2017-10-01  

2 weeks ago

I went to L-EKTROD last year, it was in some cave in Paris, it was cool. Do you have a FB link for events for Nightoo?

This will be useful for Das Klub Guide: http://guide.dasklub.com/

2 weeks ago

The L-EKETROD actually stopped last year, and the one coming up (November 11th) will be the revival!
And, stupid me! The L-EKTROD is, indeed, still held in the St Sabin Caves, and not in the Concorde Atlantique! I got things mixed up xD

Here's the FB page of the organisators of the Nightoo : https://www.facebook.com/so...

And their website : https://nightoo.org/

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