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Das Bunker (los angeles)

This is a big club in LA: http://dasbunker.org/

They play a lot of industrial dance music, hundreds of people go each week.

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4 years ago 2013-04-21  

4 years ago

This is the biggest Industrial club in the US. Was there for Faderhead and Aesthetic Perfection and it sold out, 800 people!

4 years ago

Have yet to go there, but i've heard many good things about it ^^. I go to a local club called Chamber which is considered the next best one in Orange County.

4 years ago

If you're able to get to Chamber (in Anaheim, California,) unless you're walking / riding a bike / taking the bus, you're getting there by car.

If you have access to a car, you NEED to go to Das Bunker. NEED.

Das Bunker sets the bar for Industrial clubs in and around Los Angeles. Other clubs have come and gone, but DB has been the unstoppable juggernaut in the Los Angeles scene for almost 17 years. No club survives that long by being a bad club.

If you like the Industrial scene, you owe it to yourself to go to Bunker. Thank me later. =)

For the out-of-towners not familiar with Das Bunker:



3 years ago

Right then.

Das Bunker is dead.

Long live Das Bunker.

Details below:


3 years ago

Another update.

Das Bunker, as a promotion entity, still exists, but the weekly club is long since dead.

They are active with band promotion for live shows, though, and they run a club event about once a month now.

You can find Das Bunker on Facebook, and get updates on their upcoming events:


Edited   3 months ago

One of my friends on Instagram who lives in Los Angeles goes (or went) to that club occasionally. Hopefully I can ask her for a recent update about Das Bunker.

2 months ago

It's still there but mostly exists for special events, they had one last October and had/ are having one this year

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