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Dark Memories The Hague

Dark Memories hosts occasional goth parties with goth songs, including aggrotech at Vereniging de Vinger at the Hague.
Facebook page:

Posted By: CriticalChaos CriticalChaos
3 weeks ago 2017-09-22  

2 weeks ago

Please provide links for Das Klub guide, manual entries are only for things not on Facebook. This link will be added.

Edited   2 weeks ago

The organisation of Dark Memories does not have their own website, but I can provide you the website of Vereniging de Vinger, the location where the event is held. Would that be okay?

2 weeks ago

Facebook pages with events are the only good source, no websites otherwise

2 weeks ago

Okay, I can provide you those, finding those is a lot easier. I just understood you wrong.

2 weeks ago

Basically, a FB page can have public events. The program I wrote can read them. Otherwise it requires looking them up and posting them, I have no time or interest in that, I want to automate it so everyone can find events as they come online.

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