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Das Klub Meeting WGT 2017

Let`s meet at WGT this year again - to dance, talk and chill :)
We`re going to meet us at Clara Zetkin Park in Leipzig on Saturday, 3rd of June at 1 p.m. Will someone of you be there? I already created an event at Das Klub on FB, too.

event on FB: https://www.facebook.com/ev...

Posted By: katinka_hazard katinka_hazard
5 weeks ago 2017-02-19  

5 weeks ago

Sounds like fun! I haven't decided tho. Will check out the group for starters ;)

2 weeks ago

i would go only if i had money but i think next year il be going to amphi festival and WGT

11 days ago

i can't afford it right now :/

10 days ago

@Draco and DeathReaper: too bad :( hope we will meet us next year ! :)

10 days ago

Only 11 weeks left :D :D going to make a short video about the parameters of the meeting in the next weeks, so that everyone who wants to meet is going to find us there :)

5 days ago

katinka_hazard Hope to See you next Year Maybe around that time I Will have money to buy my ticket And we can Meet up i might be going to the amphi festival

5 days ago

Don't say things like "maybe" and "hope", those are practically meaningless words. I personally would never have gone to Germany 3x to Das Klub meetings if people said these kinds of things. Make promises and live up to them. Some people travel a long way to these events.

2 days ago

Trust me I'm coming if I can make it :) I just need a job or another place to live.

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