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Is Das Klub Guide the best site to find clubs and concerts?

I spent a long time, almost a year, developing the technology for Das Klub Guide. The goal was simple, find out what is happening right now around you.

Last year (2016), I used Das Klub Guide to travel in Europe, finding the best clubs. This year, I have added even more feeds for Das Klub Guide.

I personally found the lack of a centralized site for all the best industrial/ EBM/ etc. events in the world to be a huge disappointment. I decided to fix that problem by creating my own site, with good data for real events.

To this day, no one has showed me a more useful website for finding events around the world. The best I have seen is a tiny calendar for some small sections in Germany but even this lacks a lot of information.

People have wrote to me about how Das Klub Guide is a very valuable resource for the community and they've sent me their events. I encourage you to do the same, send Facebook Pages that I haven't added of new clubs and communities.

Das Klub Guide is now secure so the geo location feature works. You just press the button to locate yourself and it gets the exact longitude and latitude and sorts all the events around you by radius. I couldn't make it any easier. You don't need Facebook, you don't even need to sign in with any account, it's all free and accessible.

If you like to travel, if you want to find new events or just see what's happening in random places, use Das Klub Guide! My opinion is that it's by far the best resource online for global events, I've even included a map of places where events have occurred.

I would love to see something better, please share if if you can but I highly doubt anyone would do it. I highly doubt anyone would put the time in to connect people, to make it easy to find events in the way I already have.

There are hundreds of events at any time on Das Klub Guide, nothing compares. And yes, it's much faster to use Das Klub Guide than Google search for hours and hunt through hundreds of profiles to find events. I spent a long time finding the event feeds.

Find something to do, somewhere you've never been, use Das Klub Guide: https://guide.dasklub.com/

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12 days ago 2017-10-06  

9 days ago

Well, that's quite amazing actually, and Sweden is listed as well! I've missed this before since it seems that the list seems to prioritise the furthest distance. If I pick 500 miles then I get reminded of that I should visit Germany more often :P

9 days ago

By default, on the homepage, it will get an approximate location from IP address and then use 500 miles just to show something. It's reducing the radius and the exact location which is the best. I have also added a city specific page: https://guide.dasklub.com/c...

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