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2018 Dance Contest = possible

As part of having a Das Klub Kalendar for 2018, if we sell 100 or more calendars, then it will be possible to have a dance contest in 2018.

MODELS ENTER HERE --> https://dasklub.com/contest...

BUY HERE --> https://dasklub.com/store
$18 USA
$24 International
(price includes shipping!)

Posted By: admin admin
2 weeks ago 2017-10-01  

2 weeks ago

Sorry but I don't understand why no male entries are allowed. Why not make calendar from all entries, no matter the gender of the models?

2 weeks ago

Last year this was tried.

First, not even enough male entries were submitted to make a calendar and second and more importantly, no one bought the male calendar before it would have been printed.

Almost every single person who has ever bought a Das Klub Kalendar is male and most males want a calendar of females.

I understand some people may think a different contest is better but more often than not, the vocal minority is not the one to spend money. Every decision in this contest is about what is best for the most people based on the past trends.

13 days ago

I understand that most people want to see ladies but having 2-3 men in there wouldn't hurt I guess.... But that's your decision, of course I respect that and really hope that it sells better this time.

Edited   13 days ago

I can’t please everyone. It’s a fundraiser, not a represent everyone kind of thing.

Once again, the male calendar failed miserably last year, money talks and it says loud and clear: it’s a bad idea for a fundraiser.

I want to offer more for the community and this is the best option from a business standpoint. No better ideas have come up.

13 days ago

It is surprising to me that apparently according to you, hardly anyone buys such calender just to love how professional and awesome these photos are set up, like me.
I agree with Javaxchaos and I also understand the admin's arguments against it.

13 days ago

I think many people need to take the initiative to do their own projects and understand that if you want to succeed, you can't please everyone. It's important to act rationally in terms of business and only listen to actual customers.

Maybe I started this project without much of a concern for being sustainable and just wanted to do it. In the process I think Das Klub attracted people who somehow think I can just do anything without repercussions financially, but that time is long over.

I am trying to make compromises here. People have been asking me for 4 years online and in person about a dance contest. I have not wanted to do one for many reasons but the blunt reality is, I don't want to put more time into a project that has cost me so much already.

This situation with the calendar is the best I can offer. And even still, it's going to be the most difficult thing I have ever done for Das Klub.

11 days ago

HERE we go --->

9 days ago

i already purchased one

4 days ago

I will be purchasing one this coming Friday after I get paid

3 days ago

i will be buy 2 and be in the contest

11 hours ago

Just ordered the Kalendar! :)

10 hours ago

Awesome, looking forward to the best Das Klub Kalendar yet!

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