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Bedroom dance videos

I personally find the industrial dance videos of people dancing in their bedrooms quite funny and cheesy. Does anyone really think these look good? They are usually the videos with the worse dancing too. I think it cheapens everything and looks ridiculous....

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2 months ago 2017-09-08  

Edited   2 months ago

I personally don't think it is 100% fair to judge a dance video on that. I am incredibly upset, I can't record my dance videos outside because of my heavy kind of autism. If it is easy for somebody to go outside to record dance videos it is a whole different story. But when I want to go outside to record an industrial dance video I need to tell to tell my mum and she doesn't quite seem to get that industrial dance videos recorded outside are better than industrial dance videos recorded inside. Recording industrial dance videos outside, to me is not like just buying better software, stop using circle tool, put more power in moves etc. The difference is that I can work on these things without having my parents to know about it.
It just upsets me when people think it is easy to improve something, while it isn't for me.

2 months ago

Technically, someone could dance in a bathroom and still dance well. I have even seen this done well. But let's face it, it looks awful for a setting of a dance video - it shows very little effort like it's a Skype call. In my opinion, at least use a white wall.

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