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Body language and dance

I accidentally found this video and think it's very interesting, it's about body language and power: http://www.ted.com/talks/am...

I think a lot of this is true with dancing. When people are really closed and inward, they appear to me as bad dancers because they look unconfident. I think the best dancers exhibit open, strong, outward gestures with good posture. If you look down with a hunchback and aren't fully extending your arms or legs, to me you are a worse dancer than those who are upright and outward.

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4 years ago 2013-10-17  

4 years ago

That's absolutely right *_* "Bad dancers" dance much slower than the rhythm is, too, they don't stretch their arms, either and don't make strong kicks, I observed that :/

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4 years ago

I still have trouble with my confidence in any aspect of my life, so I can be a little stiff when dancing. Although I am working hard to change that, starting to extend arms more and not have my hands balled up into fists.

4 years ago

I think dancing is a kind of expression and language... However you cannot say that there is a right or wrong, everyone has a different language style and I do not care whether people stretch their arms, or how large their dancing area is. The most important thing is that you can loose yourself while dancing and that you feel the music. It's not about dancing to a song, for me it's more like dancing WITH a song.... You know what I mean?! :D

4 months ago

i agree with javaxChaos and khalia_akashe.

in life i was totally insecure, i still am,
but when i dance i change into a "better" version of myself.
confident and strong and everything.

i also agree if you ar introvert and you dance like it, it's not as nice as and "extravert" with fully extend of every bodypart.

also it's a beautiful thing to loose yourself in the music.
i know what you mean brother :D

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