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when is the next competition?
i have no idea how this site works tbh...
so can anyone help me?

Posted By: Blacky Blacky
6 months ago 2017-04-03  

6 months ago

There haven't been any dance competitions for 4 years and no future dance contests are planned.

6 months ago

This site is just a forum for people who interested in Industrial Dancing and the music/clothing/clubs/events around it.

Sometimes there are Community Projects and Meetings, everyone can start them.

However I personally dislike the ida of thinking of those projects like "competitions", it's not about being better then others ... For me it's about having a community spirit and trying to bring together creative minds ;)

6 months ago

Well, there's more than a forum, there's a radio station, interviews, reviews and a global event guide but all of these things contribute to a community.

While the dance contests are still the most famous part of the site, they didn't build a community. People do find dancers on this site for music videos and live performances though.

6 months ago

well the fact of a comptetion is not for who is better, but for getting better :)

6 months ago

Yeah you're right I'm sorry but for me this site is mostly used for communication in the forum :)

And for getting better you don't need to win or loose a contest.... However I understand that those contests motivated people and you need motivation for getting better ^^

6 months ago

If anyone can find a way to make money off dance contests then I'll consider it! :)

After I spent 2 years promoting dancers and bands while paying to do it so there could be more members here, I couldn't justify it any longer.

6 months ago

well why should we make money with dancing?
yes that is a dream to us all, but why can't we just have fun because of the dancing :D

@chaos it's not about winning or losing a contest, it's the motivation you have when in a competition.
you give it your best at that very moment :)

6 months ago

Yeah, I felt that way like 6 years ago but my life has different priorities now, haha.

6 months ago

yeah my life on dancing just started out 6 years ago

6 months ago

...I will consider having another dance contest if the next Das Klub Kalendar sells well (the last 2 did not)... of course money makes a difference, running a radio server is not cheap

So, there is a possibility next year.

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