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> > Did you ever accidentally hit someone while dancing?

Did you ever accidentally hit someone while dancing?

When you dance at a club, did you ever accidentally hit someone while dancing and if so, what do you do?

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3 years ago 2014-01-08  

Edited   3 years ago

everytime HAHAH people always get in the way because the dance floor is sooooo small!!

3 years ago

Not really :D

Just "shuffled" on someones foot ...

3 years ago

Sometimes but I always apologize and then keep on dancing :D

3 years ago

Yes, and knocked the drink right out of her hand and all over her about two months ago in Detroit.

3 years ago

Haahaha. yeah. few times. ppl learn to give industrials or ppl with glow-shit a wide berth.

3 years ago

They've got a point :D

But you can also take few space while dancing, depending on the amount of people around you ;)

3 years ago

I try not to but there's always non beat followers that get too close and get my hand in their face, although this one time there were too many preps at my dance bar "neo" and i purposely danced them off the floor hehe it was soooo fun pushing them farther and farther to make room for us goths :)

3 years ago

Not dancing, but when I would practice poi in public or while just talking to someone, strangers would try to walk past me and avoid it. Rather than grabbing my attention and saying, "excuse me" they would try and ninja past and get hit

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3 years ago

Oh of course, but over the years I've learned how to keep from doing that, although, if I'm a little too buzzed, or if people take a short cut and just walk right through the dance floor, well, all I got to say is, accidents happen lol.

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3 years ago

I always do it -.-' and is so annoying for both parts, that's something a little bit common in me most when the club is fully, people get bother but things happen ;)

3 years ago

I've accidentally whacked the cat upside the head a few times. But here, in Japan, I have not yet found a "dance" place.

5 months ago

Several times

5 months ago

sometimes i kind of kicked someone by accident when i was practicing lucky it was not between there legs or that would of hurt more

5 months ago

Not that I can think of ^^
But I usually pay a great deal of attention and do closed eye dancing from time to time.
I *did* try to lift up someone because I thought he needed help standing on his hands - but he was just doing Yoga... akward

5 months ago

I never hit someone "accidentally" XD
normally i kick or hit some guys who are irritating our woman so they're safe :p
assholedancing FTW!!

Edited   4 months ago

lool XD

i also danced some irritating men from the dancefloor because they were hitting on some of my female friends who didn't liked it.

fun fact is: a real industrial dancer knows how much space we need so it's always awesome to dance with our family :D

but i do control every move of mine so i know where my hands and feet are coming.
(unless i'm getting dizzy deep in the night from all the dancing xd)

4 months ago

I accidentally hit myself once lmao

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