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Getting More People Into Industrial Dance/Music

Well, you impose your music subtly without their knowledge.

You start by targeting the people you know.

If friends or people you see often enough, figure out the type of music they are into or what combination of beats or rhythms they like or lyrics and find similar Industrial songs to their preferences and go fishing!!!!

An example, is recently I got a few friends hooked into Faderhead, by playing their Naughty Grrls/Naughty Bois song, then Best Dancers and then once they got hooked played Get Your Body Beat by Combichrist and other Industrial songs.

Another friend I got him hooked by posting a ID youtube video which used the song Society by FGF820 on my FB account and also pasted the lyrics to go with it.

People you do not know very well? Like your apartment neighbors or co workers. Play a very catchy Industrial song over and over again and hopefully you hear them playing that song one day.

Two colleagues at work have listened to Industrial music in the past and am trying slowly to reintroduce it to them by going the Rammstein/CombiChrist route.

Getting them into Industrial Music is easy getting to the Industrial Dance Scene or become Industrial Dancers?

Show them videos of the best dancers you can find and show it to them (preferably after you get them hooked on Industrial Music) and watch them subconsciously try to reenact the dance moves out!!!

Another way I can think of is if a well known electronic artist switches to making at least one Industrial Album or makes a collaboration with a Industrial Act.

Wishful thinking?

I have learnt in order to get people into the types of music you are into for whatever reason you need to mostly go the indirect route(s).

I hope I have inspired you to figure a way on how to get more people into the Industrial Dance Scene.

I also believe that Das Klub has already got enough recognizable Brand Image to attract more people to the Industrial Dance Scene.

Das Klub just needs to nurture and maintain their Brand Image more and do a few brainstorming sessions in these areas.

If There Is A Will
There Is A Way

Posted By: GeminiiNZ GeminiiNZ
2 years ago 2015-04-06  

2 years ago

It's funny...
My wife and me, we're listening to electro industrial for Years. Friends are coming and asking: Hey what do you listen for?
We explain that and days later: Hey May you give me some of that Music?.
We have lot's of friends from the Metal Scene and Techno Scene listening to electro industrial.

2 weeks ago

Another strategy that works well to get more people into industrial music is to use that music in animations or create animation memes with that music. It's definetely is not the easiest way, but the way that pays off best once the video gets popular among that community. In a nutshell, target the animation community with industrial music.

It has already happened with the song They're coming to take me away by Neuroticfish.
That video has got... 215.000 views, that is a lot for a video with industrial music.

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