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How do you become a better dancer?

Many people post videos asking for feedback, rarely is it given, let alone in a way the dancer can act on. How do you think someone becomes a better dancer? Is it through other people's feedback who are good at dancing? How do you know you are improving anyway?

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4 years ago 2013-10-07  

4 years ago

Making videos is helpful as self documentation.

4 years ago

practice, practice, and more practice. it takes time, and also watch other people dance. try to catch a few moves that they do and see if you can copy them and feel comfortable. once you have the basic motions down, feel free to make up stuff, it's all about being original ^^.

4 years ago

Don't you think you need advice from other people and a schedule?

4 years ago

Just like other styles, I think people need someone to copy. So many people think originally is the goal, I don't believe many people out there are going to offer a new style until they can prove they can do an existing style well.

There should be industrial dance instructors. Everyone seems to have a favorite dancer and copies them, why ignore this fact?

4 years ago

Yup, starts copying from others first, in that way you learn allot faster than trying to be origional or something in that direction. Cause then you got not much to build/start on. (=

Its what I did at first, worked well. ^-^

4 years ago

same here lol when i first learned i pretty much copied all the videos i saw. once you have the formula down and can do it well, that's when you can start to explore and branch out ^^. there's nothing wrong with wanting to be original, but you have to start somewhere first ^^.

4 weeks ago

I have noticed some people on YouTube who do not seem to improve their dancing even after years of videos. This makes me wonder if they are actually trying to improve their dancing or not.

In general, how do you know if you are actually becoming a better dancer?

Also, what steps do you need to take to become a better dancer, in your opinion?

4 weeks ago

practice alot it takes time to become a better dancer for me it took me 2 years to become a good dancer and now i dance fast and slow

Edited   4 weeks ago

At first "good" ist relative. When I watch dancers I seperate between technique (including speed - fast and slow -, movement variation and sense of tact for example) and the style (because, even if technique is brilliant, maybe you do not like it).

One other thing you need to consider - videos and club dancing can be really different. Because the mood is different. For me it's a huge difference to dance anywhere or between friends, that give their best, too. (I need to say that only because of the mentioned youtube videos :) )

And now - the actual theme - how to get better. Or how I get/got better. I'm never satisfied. I didn't learn it by standing in front of a mirror. A friend showed it in the club and from this point I always danced only the club for several years. Now I dance at home, too, but not for training. It feels like a inner force, when I hear good music - I just need to dance. It doesn't matter if it's industrial, wave or just bouncing the hips.

To get better - you need to feel the music and the passion and then the improvement comes by itself. (but at first you need sense of tact)
Never be angry if people critize you, as long it's constructive. If people have tips and ideas for you, you shouldn't reject this optinion at first site. Take a minute, think over it - maybe it's a bit true? - and then decide, will you consider it?
Next is - To make sports beside dancing helps to improve your speed and strength. The endurance improves with your fitness level.

Edited   4 weeks ago

One thing that is not helping I think is that there doesn't seem to be any wide spread knowledge of the basic movements in Industrial Dancing, like there is with every other type of dance I've ever heard of. By solely study what other people do you may miss out on something fundamental that is not obvious to the uninitiated and thus may impede the learning process.

While industrial dancing is a lot about the arm waving it's nothing without the rest of the body swinging along. One thing I've learned from martial arts instructors is that power comes from the hips. In order to make strong movements your entire body needs to be engaged, plus if the feet are not moving then the dance looks quite static.

So in order to improve I think you need a basic scheme worked into your lower body first and foremost, then compose your arm movements around those steps.

Personally I go by a four step routine (one for each "beat"). It's kinda hard to explain just with text but it looks more or less like your basic rocking-your-hips movement, but it's a way to help me stay balanced and other things.

Oh, and probably the best tip I can give, count to the beat!

4 weeks ago

The only thing i can say is, keep dancing and make alot of video's of yourself.
not to post on youtube but indeed for self teaching.
feel the music

4 weeks ago

Its difficult, still learning industrial dance myself. Basic moves are down, i just imagine more practice... and a lot more of it. Also finding music that speaks to you helps. But I watch people i like, and mimic. When i get the flow right ill adapt my own style

4 weeks ago

Actually I am thinking of doing a Industrial Dance Getting Started Video (or video series), because I displike most tutorials that are online. Many ppl think they have to learn arm movement first, you see those flappy people without basic body movement and sense for music/beat everywhere, and especially on YouTube...

Edited   4 weeks ago

I think this is a good point about a getting started video.

There has always been this stigma in industrial dance about making a video on how to dance. In my opinion, this is stupid and discourages people who want to learn something new. There is this annoying elitism that leads to a deafening silence around the question of: "how do I become a better dancer?".

I understand that some people fear industrial dance become generic and everyone dancing the exact same way. I think this is simply a problem with how the videos would present themselves. No one person represents or could show all ways to dance to industrial music. The most anyone can do is show how they personally dance.

Everyone should strive for their own dance style, where they do not have to think about exactly what they are doing. But to get to that point, people need to do something, they need to get started.

When I started dancing to this style of music I couldn't really dance that well. I watched the few tutorials out there but they didn't help that much. I really just had to watch lots of videos and go to clubs until I felt confident enough in dancing.

At this point, I know I could get better if I wanted to but I can say many strangers have told me I'm a good dancer while I'm in a club. I learned to become very critical of other people's dancing, what their body language says about them and how well they are moving to the music. The way I see it, everyone is speaking all the time with their body language but dancing takes that message and intensifies it like nothing else and being good at dancing brings confidence in many other aspects of life.

3 weeks ago

Sometimes its hard to get better. Especially when some people you have danced with during the club nights for years have nothing more to say then: "you always show the same moves".

Wow. I love it. Nothing constructive.

Of course, everyone develops his/ her own style. Its also important to keep with yourself, your style, your sense of rythm as mentioned above. And not be too much of a perfectionist. Especially at first.

Later when one has developed his/ her first own techniques/style/rythm, it is possible to expand from there.

In my perspective (north of germany, Hamburg and above) a lot of good dancers have become quite inactive recently. The air for
constructive exchange as it used to be is thinning out...

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