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industrial dance tutorial

People are constantly asking for tutorials, they want to know how to dance. If you were getting started today or have had help in past then: What are the best industrial dance tutorial videos you know about?

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4 years ago 2013-08-08  

Edited   3 years ago

Different videos on arm movements mostly

Industrial Dance: Erklärung einiger Bewegungen Teil 1/3

Erklärung einiger Bewegungen Teil 2/3

Erklärung einiger Bewegungen Teil 2/3

4 years ago

He keeps on showing Cybrax' moves over and over... Plus, if you slow down (slow mo) the motion you make the dance die, when it's all about feeling the beat! Dancing ain't like dissect a corpse! Have fun! :D

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Videos 3 and 4 in this playlist are good as well. I sent these to a friend who is trying to learn.

4 years ago

@mjb agree!

I guess more than 20% of the industrial dancers are doing Cybrax´s movements over & over again =)

3 years ago

Finni2000, I belive his name is on YouTube, had some good videos. In regards to the comments of using other people's moves and not feeling the music... The tutorial is meant to be a point to jump in on. A basic example of the dance works. Any good tutorial or dancer will tell you, "make the dance your own." Unfortunately too many people skip that step. They learn basics and never branch out.

3 years ago

i remember i looked up all these videos when i first started learning, but then i quickly got tired of doing the same thing over and over so i just started making stuff up and now my style is way different from theirs XD.

3 years ago

That is the goal, make the dance your own. It may not happen all in one shot, but it at least must evolve.

3 years ago

@ Necromatrix It took me about 3 years but it was more than worth it =)

Edited   4 months ago

various videos on YouTube
Industrial Dance Tutorial Part 1
"Watch and learn. You can be a part of the gasmask nation too!"

Industrial Dance Tutorial Part 2
"Dance can be powerful, it can make you powerful."

CytoxiC: Industrial Dance Tutorial (Deutsch, with english subtitles)

Industrial Dance Tutorial Básico en Español ☣ VIM ☣ Suono - Evil Girl

"Howdy, the name is Jesse, known as A.I.C (Asian Industrial Cowboy) I have been into the goth/Industrial scene since 2003. I enjoy the company and the dance in Industrial clubs. I will be posting up tutorials on Industrial dancing the U.S way. These tutorials will help you get started and hopefully build your confidence on the dance floor and of course socially. The number one key in dancing is make sure you all are having fun! I'll also be posting up some of my random childhood videos and random shit for entertainment and laughs. So hope you enjoy y'all!"

Industrial dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 1

Industrial Dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 2

Industrial Dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 3

Industrial Dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 4

Industrial dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 5

Industrial dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 6

Industrial dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 7

Industrial dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 8

Industrial dance tutorial with A.I.C lesson 9

There are many different ways to industrial dance, everyone should aim at being themselves.

3 years ago

4 months ago

Here is a new one from Brioni Faith:

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