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Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

which and why?

Posted By: admin admin
2 months ago 2017-07-31  

Edited   2 months ago

Mostly, I am pesimist. Because you can not wait nothing by anybody. That can not be worse. But if you are optimist, you'll to take a lot of disappointments.
So... Being pessimist, I guess some day I will find something good ;)

2 months ago

I would probably say I am mostly a pessimist. But I think that people misunderstand what it means to be a pessimist. Wanting bad things to happen doesn't make you a pessimist in my opinion. Always seeing the negative in every single situation is being depressed, not being pessimistic, again, this is my opinion.

The benefit in being a pessimist is that you are rarely late, you're usually prepared, you usually live up to your responsibilities and you can find room for improvement. If I travel somewhere and I'm alone, no amount of being positive can help my ability to stay warm if I'm cold. By thinking about what could go wrong, usually a better outcome occurs. I liken it more to self-reliance and the need to plan to get a good outcome.

2 months ago

By Admin's definition I'd consider myself a pessimist as well and while it may be a motivator to not screw up, as I tend to take that mode of thinking too far it can have the opposite effect as well, but I suppose that kind of problem falls into its own category.

A bit of a tangent but speaking of negative thoughts. I've never been able to relate to the phrase "think positive". It sounds insincere to me and I can't do it because I'd know that I'd be lying to myself.
The actual problem though is the negative thoughts, not the lack of positive ones. In that regard, "Don't think negatively" makes more sense to me.

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