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> > Hi All! Meet Me & Help Me on Amphi 2017

Hi All! Meet Me & Help Me on Amphi 2017

Hello Everyone!
My name is Agarwaen and Im from Chile
I've been part of the community from some time, listening to the radio and watching some clips, but I wanted to introduce myself now because I want to participate more due to my trip this year.
On July I will finally do one of my biggest dreams and I will go to Amphi Festival!
So if anyone wants to chat with me and could help me there that will be awesome
I'm a nice person willing to have a great time on Europe and wanting to know about the Industrial community there :)

Posted By: Agarwaen Agarwaen
12 days ago 2017-03-16  

11 days ago

Hi :)
I'll be there with some scene friends ^^

I was thinking, maybe we will have another DasKlub Meeting there? I would definately attend ^^

11 days ago

I want to attend that and be part of the Amphi vídeos that you record.
Also I need to find a place to stay(Hostel or Air BnB) that is close and know how to get there and move and where can I buy the ticket
And later see which places to visit and where to go and a good place to drink a beer :-)

11 days ago

It would be nice if someone could take initiative to organize a meeting outside with a group photo.

9 days ago

It would be awesome

19 hours ago

The M'era Luna festival in Hildesheim is definitely worth your attention as well if you're still in Germany by then. I was there last year (and 3 times in earlier years). It's around 12-13th August, but you need to come on the 11th if you want to have room for your tent.

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