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Just stumbled in earlier in the evening. Looks like my kind of place.
I'm a danish dancer, singer, designer, writer, painter, video/digital artist, poet, web dev, game programmer and possibly soon a musician. Etc.

A few years back I disconnected my computer and went outside into your world. I ended up at M'era Luna, DE. T'was a pretty crazy discovery for an old metal fan, and the hangar taught me a great deal about dancing that year.
I've evolved a bit since then. Tried dancing many different places, the latest endeavour being pole dance which I train 3 times a week. Next up, I want to combine that with break dance and maybe other stuff too.
My dance is new but rooted in Terror EBM.

I also like expressive clothing/makeup,
lots of weird music, anything neon/blinking/shining, hula hoops, indie games, vegetarian food, winter bathing, meditating, weird movies and generally waste too much time surfing for anything interesting out there.

I make art and stuff as mentioned, some paintings found on my website, digitals, photos, animations, whatever, ... ask me if you're curious ^^

For now I'll just enjoy the site and share stuff along the way.

Cheers and pulsating cyber vibes

Posted By: SpectreNectar SpectreNectar
8 months ago 2017-02-18  

7 months ago

Here I thought I were the only from Denmark, Cheers.
I would love to know, if there's any other danes, in the copenhagen area; If I should go searching for an abandonned building, which I can set up to a goth place.

6 months ago

Cheers Carl, my thoughts too haha
But then I saw your thread about alternative style and knew ^^
Well, I haven't been in the capital of Cph so much in later years, but I sorta want to. I went and saw Grendel at Forbraendingen in Albertslund, which was amazing but also really really long ago. But there are goths in Copenhagen for sure and there are actually pretty many judging from that evening. Heck I found a fully fledged goth in Aalborg last month ( of all places! ).

Blackmarket.dk was put down recently but it was pretty crowded too, even if 95% were people who thought a nostril piercing made them "on the edge of society", the last 5% did include many originals.
Just to paste the links from the site (you might find them useful, IDK):

If you're ever around Aarhus please let me know. Would be fun saying hi. Maybe doing a dance if you're up for that ;)

I send a request here.

5 months ago

Come to Dark Denmark - I post my nudes there :D

5 months ago

I'll see what I can do.

5 months ago

Cool ^^ glad to have you there. The invitation was global too, in case any other danes decides to drop by.

Got a small art film coming up as well as an entry for Brioni Faith. Besides that much dancing ^^ Maybe I should start editing and releasing some of the footage I already got hahah

I leave home for 7 days, Internet. /ttyl

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