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Don't be shy introducing yourself here.

Posted By: admin admin
4 years ago 2013-10-01  

Edited   2 years ago

I know most of people are shy, or do not want to tell to others how/who they are, but Dasklub is not only a cool website: Here there's a good community, and whatever if you are new, old, not much active member... go on and introduce yourself!
This will probably help you to meet new people, have interesting talks, make frienship, let you a chance to share your work or your passions and everything about industrial. +.~

4 years ago

I feel my Comrade Athara has the right idea here. :) Many of us older members could probably do well to get to know one another better. So me next i suppose.

I am Seething.
So named cause i am so passionate about many things.
Im 31 tho my birthday is close. I have a 11 year old little girl. I work in automotive maintenance.

I love Music an listen to it whenever possible, day and night. I got into dance probably 6-7 years ago and have been evolving constantly.
I am logical an analytical. I am kinda obsessed with "fair" and "equal" fiercely loyal, yet tempestuous. I belive in science, and magic, walking with one foot in reality and one in the aether. I love having discussions, im kind of a chatter box. I discovered Das Klub 2 yrs ago via the "insurrection" dance contest and was very excited to not only be able to speak to people who shared my interest an love of music, but to be able to talk with people from all around the world, and get a glimpse of what the world is like through their eyes.


4 years ago

Yep! That's a good Idea Atharah :3

For the next...

I introduce myself: Patchweurk (pseudo) or Patch for friends
I have 24 years old, live in France near Strasbourg, soldier profesion. I have a girl friend (on das klub "Yuniie Zephira" )

I have made an industrial dance team nearly 8 mounths ago. 4 members actually (Industrial Dance Connection) Only team in activity in our country.
Discovered das klub and industrial dance in the same time 1 year ago. Really, i find this web site very atractive :)
I'm here for look and share our passion for the music and dance, for see and talk with people from all country. :3
I love lot of differents music styles: Industrial/ebm/ all metal style/hardstyle... etc...

You can send me for more talking about everything, you are welcome! :)

See you!

# Patch #

~ Next ~

4 years ago

Hello I am Cha0sdan currently in college for business I am actually only been listening to industrial music for about a year and now it is what I listen to mostly these days. I want to make a cybernetics corporation.

4 years ago

Very nice idea!
So let's support this :)

My nickname is Black Sunshine, and it is the nickname under which you will find me on FB or YouTube :)

I am 21 years old, just finished my bachelor and the university of Rostock and I am moving to Bochum next week to start my Master Degree in Spanish Philology there. Really excited about that because that means I can travel through the entire state of NRW :D Wuhu!

About myself... I am a person you can trust, always talk with if you have a problem, I am loyal, honest and I hate lies.
My hobbies are dancing, travelling, going to shows, listen to music, reading books etc... I am probably the biggest Rob Zombie and Piggy D. "fanatic" you'll find... so don't wonder if I start talking about them *laugh*
I usually don't listen that much to EBM/Electro/Aggrotech bands at home...mostly only when I go partying...
My fav. bands are Depeche Mode, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper and Heaven's Basement.
When I am not traveling to shows or studying I like to to fotoshootings on TfP basis as a hobby too.

That's all from me, can't wait to see more introductions!

4 years ago

Although I'm shy I will try this one:

My nickname is Khalia Akasha, also on FB and YT. I'm 18 years old and live in Cologne but am studying in Siegen. I dance for almost 2 years and it's my passion <3

I am a kind person who never lets the persons I love down, I care for everyone who also cares for me but if someone betrays me I quickly get very upset. Finally I can say that I'm happy to get to know you all here :P

4 years ago

Great Idea for a post, I've been very quiet on Das Klub...silent actually, so an excuse to say something is nice!

So my nickname is the particularly not 'industrial' sounding Kuchenvg. The name comes from my clan days when i did a lot of gaming, and my name was 'thecakewasaspy' (will make sense to anybody who played TF2 and portal...i hope). It stuck as an alias, and that's now what i am online now.

I am 20 (as of today, Thanks for the birthday message dasklub! it's why i'm back on here), and teaching English in China. I speak german, a little Swedish, and am learning Chinese while I am out here. When I get back to the UK I hope to study either German with Scandinavian studies or German with Chinese, but I'm still awaiting my offers.

So clearly, I like languages, but I have a fair few other interests. I love music and play Piano, Guitar, clarinet and had singing lessons for a year. I listen to so many styles I won't bother listing them all, but Industrial, metal and folk/celtic music are some of my favourites. Topics i find really interesting are philosophy, history and culture, and I love a good pint of beer every now and then.

I got into industrial about 3 years ago now, when a friend who had been very secretive about his music tastes finally introduced me to it. A year later, I found Das Klub and got inspired to start industrial dancing. I'm not very good (hence no videos), but its great fun and that's all the matters.

I used to use Das klub just to find new videos, and never used the forums, but as I'm in China, which blocks youtube, I've been forced onto the forums if i still want to use this website ;), so i'll hopefully see you all more.

So that's me, thanks for introducing yourselves!

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4 years ago


I'm g33kcentric, it's my standard go to username for most sites, because as the name would suggest, I'm quite geeky ^^.

I started off on the 'darker' alternative path as an industrialist/cyber goth, but have gradually steered towards classic goth where I happily rest. I still however love the industrial/cyber part of things and more often than not, when I go out to alternative events I do present myself more cyber than classic.

I have only in the past 6 months been interested in dancing myself, I have always enjoyed watching others dance. So far I'm not very good at it, but I'm sure as my confidence grows, so will my skill.

During the day you will most likely find me doing some web development, my strength doesn't lye in the language this site was created in, however I do plan to take advantage of it's open source nature to learn some C#.

Thanks :)

4 years ago

I'm known as Mintyoreos artistically. The name I once first created as a username I could use online for mmorpg's and on account within the internet in other online communities without it ever being taken until the past couple of years from false profiles of myself. (strange thing that is to come across) I am actually an alternative model who goes by ShoeLaccey Mintyoreos Staecey. The first crowd online to really be drawn to my outward appearance was "scene kids" just because of my electric color traits.. I later then and still do to this day get known as a "scene queen". Generally I am not one for labels however. My own person style consists of everything I really enjoy personally. I do get a massive amount of hate from unknown observers for cross-breeding subculture of the alternative world, thus ignorant people love to call me a "poser" while I just get such a kick out of the reality of the day and age. I generally like to stay as an alien for the aspect, I don't consider myself any sort of genre personally. I've always been very into gothic, cyber goth, post-punk, metal, rave, rastafarian, gunge, death rock, visual kei and other forms of alternative.

"ShoeLaccey" represents how I can tie things together, how I can fit into most sub-genre's because of my intense culture inspiration and openminded attributes towards the world of alternative. Mintyoreos; since I can be a bit of a corny being however I still remain fresher then the original.. Or so I've been told. Staecey has reference to my reality, it's apart of my real name because I always remain who I am. I am never an "altered ego" within the inside. It's simply visual experimental from the joys of all the dark corners of the world. The world is my canvas and inspiration.

I'm 19 years undead. I'm skilled in all forms of art that I've tried. I know there are many and I love to challenge myself. In particular I love all aspects of fashion designing/creating and photography where I can create very vast visions where my imagination can stretch a infinite amount of miles wide. I love news, and world propaganda. From philosophy, spiritual concepts to observing physicists and scientific discoveries I can honestly say I am a very keen observer along with vast amount of interests. Having said that I can get very distracted easily within knowledge. I think I'm a geek. I love to drink coffee and tea, I've also been very into diet and nutrition after recently discovering I have IBS. I'm on a conquest to find the ultimate lifestyle for myself to maximize human potential in one's most capable physical form and practicality creatively. If you don't fear your dreams they aren't big enough. Fear is what drives me forwards and leers me into where my main curiosity lies. It is just concept and object of challenge that I believe was created to stop mankind from moving forwards from their current reality display.

I'm actually new on here as of a week ago or so. I lurk amongst the internet during awkward hours of the evening searching for general conversation. I'm someone who can drift from topic to topic without contradicting views interfering and carry on for hours. I'm one for elaboration. I love being enlightened by other world perceptions.

I ran into this community through watching youtube videos from a contest back in 2011. I myself absolutely love industrial dancing and would love to post some future videos of my dancing.

I come in peace, in dance and visual expression of culture freedom on the pursuit of happiness.

3 years ago

Well, i have recently created my cyber goth name, Acryllex. Been listening to the music for quite some time. Love the dances, want to do some of my own but i dont have good recording equipment. really want to go to an industrial meet sometime but dont live near any. i just turned 17 today, im a hardcore gamer. ive been "emo" (they say) since around 6th grade due to bullies and family deaths. forever an athiest. well uh yeah thats pretty much it. ~next~

3 years ago

Hi , i am CyberEd (Philipp) from Germany.
I listen to this music 3years, i am dancing 1 1/2 year ^_^
I am 19years and i work by Mercedes Benz ;)

You can send me for more talking about everything ;)

3 years ago

hi :3

3 years ago

Hi all.

I'm Draken, from Wales (that's the country next door to England and one of the four member countries of the UK).

I am part of a team that runs and DJ's a Goth and Industrial night in Cardiff (where Dr Who and Torchwood were mostly filmed from) called Nocturnal Emissions whilst I also guest DJing regularly in some of the other nearby cities. In particular I'm quite often found at Dead of Night in Swansea. Next year NE and DoN are also teaming up to put on a club tent at a UK festival (Alt-Fest) which has a shed load of bands on, including a dedicated Industrial stage with some very well known names on it.

I also do all sorts of stuff in my spare time too, from Modelling to Wargamming, TV Extra work to making music. Which also brings me onto the little dark electronic music project of mine, DrakenWerks, which I've been working on for the last three years and I'm finally performing live with in December :)

3 years ago

Hi my name is JavaxChaos, that's my virtual name and also the name I want to have as dancer I suppose.

I am from Germany, and my first contact with the Industrial szene was when I skipped through different YouTube songs.. I heard a lot medieval music at that time, must have been 4 - 5 years ago, and I found a link to Arise-X. At the beginning I thought it was weird but with them my first contacts to Eisenfunk and [X]-RX came and I liked electronic music anyway (Hardstyle/ -core), so over the years I've grown into that music. Besides the mentioned above I also like Gothic and NDH (Neue Deutsche Härte), Dubstep and even a little bit Hip-Hop. My favourite band in general ist Saltatio Mortis.

With the Industrial and EBM music came also the dance, at the beginning I thought it looked a bit strange but the rythmic and strong movements impressed me. So 2-3 years ago I tried it myself and during the years I really grew into it. Besides I also dance a bit Hardjump/Jumpstyle and Shuffle, a little bit of Pop'n'Lock/Hip-Hop and things like that, always depends on the music. What I really like about dancing Industrial is that you can combine different styles and that you can dance to nearly every speed and music. There is so much room for variation!

Beside listening to music and dancing I also play some instruments (Keyboard, E-Bass, Djembé) altough I do not have a band at the moment (but I want one!). I am experimenting with computer skills (Video/Picture Manipulation) and I also have three active YT channel, one for LPs (JavaheizungLP), one for Livevideos of bands (JavaxChaosLive) and one for lyrics, dancing, V-Logs and aftermovies (JavaxChaos).

I started my study of informatik at the TU Dortmund some weeks ago.

And I search for some dancers (NRW, Germany) who want to dance with me, so if you want to send me a message ^^ I also like to meet with friends, visit medieval markets and visit clubs like Matrix Bochum...

That's all 4 now I think, thanks for reading and if you wnat to know more you can send me a message. Greez from Germany :)


Edited   3 years ago

Hallo, mijn naam is Rezz Atrana.

And I'm from The Netherlands, the country where everyone in the U.s.a thinks It's a state of Germany. Which is not, It's an country on it's own with it's own government and language.

I was born with the name Martijn, which is Martin in English. And grew up with one brother and a younger sister.

I have been drawing all my life. On my 13th to 14th I started painting art, writing poetry, dancing, singing, and a few years later on started making film/video's, and composing psycadelic, art rock, and symfonic atmosphere music as well to expand myself as artist.

And that's what I still do on the day now, being creative, creating things.

I'm mostly an emotion based to protest based artist, a person that strives for honesty, openminded but also a person with a very strong opinion.

I combine Cyber Gothic, Fetish Gothic, modern Gothic, Nu-gothic, metal and death rock as my style in clothing and make-up.

I'm in love with 60s, 70s and 80s progressive rock, avant-garde, psycadelic rock, art rock, ambient, atmosphere, and dream scape music. And I'm actually -how funny it sounds- a disliker of almost all Gothic rock based or electro/industrial/EBM based music as it comes to listening to it. I do however, like to dance on it and go out with that kind of music in clubs etc.

And that's about it.

3 years ago

Hey all I'm gonna start this off by saying this is an absolutely epic idea, as I've been a bit nervous and shy about posting anything on here due to my self confidence, but this is all the reason I need to spam my life story! Hah

So I'm 21 and born with the name of Steve, although others know me as Ash or Shadow, I came into industrial dance not too long ago (4-5 months or so) and can say I love it down to the ground, as I've previously never felt so positive about something as much as this! I've previously been goth, emo *shudder* and extremely lost trying to find who I am.

I love almost all types of music, from metal and rock \m/ to folk and rap (as much as I hate to admit it) and of course I can't go a day without listening / dancing to some EBM or Industrial.

I'm currently working in a tattoo / piercing parlour in Milton Keynes called Wyrdos (Feel free to come in and say hi if you're ever in the area!) and the dream is to one day open my own place so I can have people pay me to stab them! ;D

I can be extremely shy at first, but around people with interests I share I almost will never shut up! I'm a complete nerd and I'm happy to admit it, I adore RP sessions, gaming, cosplaying and writing fantasy in my spare time!

I'm extremely spiritual and love nature and animals... So... I think that covers basically everything o.o hope to hear some more peoples ideas and maybe meet up with some of you at Alt-fest next year!

Shadow o/

3 years ago

Hello, Hola, Guten Tag, everyone.
The name's DracoNocturne or "Night Dragon" for those who don't speak latin. Came up with the name at least 15 years ago as I have an affinity for dragons (both medieval and Asian) and the nighttime. This is also my email, twitter handle, website (under construction), and PSN ID.
What can I say about myself. Lately I've just been describing myself as Drummer, Writer, Audio Engineer, and all around Music Lover. I think that pretty much encompasses all the things I hold dear.
Music has always been a huge part of my life as far back as I can remember from playing instruments as a kid, to being in bands as a teen, to working professionally as an audio engineer in my adult life. I have been very lucky and very fortunate to have achieved everything I have achieved so far, and I'm not done yet.
I work at a multimedia art college in Orlando, FL. (although I consider myself a member of the Tampa scene, since there is no scene here). I am also a student at the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) studying English-Creative Writing.
I'm not gonna lie, I snooped around here for a few weeks before deciding to join. Just wanted to make sure there was a positive environment going on here that was troll-free, which I believe now that it is.
I've been a fan of industrial/electronic music since the early nineties and started with groups like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, NIN, Skinny Puppy, and then just tried to keep up with it throughout the years and grow with it. Currently, I'm really digging Grendel, Ivardensphere, and ad ver sary, but I still love the staples like VNV, Combichrist, Wumpscut (one of my all time faves), Covenant, and stuff like that. I am most proud of the fact that a lot of the bands I grow up with are still making records 15+ years later. That's a testament to this scene and to it's fans. Pat yourselves on the back, everyone.

3 years ago

My nickname is Gugii, my best friend created it by joking about how my mother called me in childhood (agugu).
I am interested in all gothic things, but i don't consider myself as a goth.
I started dancing because of youtube suggestions, i really liked how princess chaos danced, so i started to learn ;)
- Agrita.

3 years ago

Hello all, my name is Colin. I hail from Detroit Michigan. I have always loved to dance and have recently returned to clubing on a regular basis. At Leland City Club in Detroit or Necto in Ann Arbor. Leaning a little Cyber at the moment. But I'll dance to just about anything. Like Suicide Commando, KMFDM, X-RX, Grendel, BlakOPz,....
So thats it for now.
Hope you are all well and remember...
Dance... as if no one was watching! ;)

Edited   3 years ago

Hay puntos en el tiempo que a pesar de la distancia que sea están juntos.

Cuando uno en hipótesis cruza lo que seria la mitad de la vida ve con orgullo como todo aquel futuro en que creía se vuelve realidad y la nueva sangre fluye en un rió sin fin y una nueva torre de babel electrónica y sonora, es algo tan maravilloso como si de un sol negro se tratara y en el hubiera un punto de luz como un diamante, el viaje del tiempo como bien lo dicen en blade runer "todos estos recuerdos se perderán en el tiempo como lagrimas en en la lluvia" pero esa lluvia se transformara en un mar que abarcara todo el mundo.

Con profunda fe y la vista clavada en el horizonte se que cada bit construye y destruye tal como el día sigue a la noche y la noche al día esa interminable cadena de sonrisas transformadas en sonidos, y que es el sonido si no un grito del alma que lleva el alma en si mismo, bit a bit te amo bit a bit fluyo en ti bit a bit me despido y soy uno con el todo. No se quien eres pero te amo aya donde quiera que estés danzando en un sonido industrial.


There are points in time that despite the distance it are together.

When one hypothetically crosses the nests midlife looks with pride as anyone future he thought becomes reality and the new blood flowing in a river without end , and a new electronic tower babel and sound , is so wonderful as if it were a black sun and the have a point of light like a diamond , the journey time as well as in blade runer say " all these memories will be lost in time like tears in the rain" but the rain was transformed into a sea that covered worldwide.

With deep faith and eyes on the horizon that builds and destroys every bit as day follows night and night to day that endless chain smiles transformed into sounds, and that is the sound but a cry from the heart carrying the soul itself , bit by bit I love you bit a bit flowed in you firing me bit by bit and I am one with everything . Who is not a nurse but I love you wherever you are dancing in an industrial sound.

3 years ago

Most people dance their way, I dance in my own way, trying to be unique.

The name is Jennifer, I'm 17 years old, I live in Sarasota county Florida, I love industrial dance, I'm funny, like to draw, tell jokes, do daring things and wrestle. I'm also very athletic and love to fight and play ninja with friends.

My favorite color is red, favorite shade black(sometimes white depending on the occasion), I love Chinese food and steak, if you give me cotton candy Ill gobble it up ^^. I am a very lovable person and has never been in a fight with anyone in my life, no black eyes, broken bones, nada. I think that is all. ^,...,^

Edited   3 years ago


My name is Zeraphina, im 23 and live in Sweden with my family and my son.
Been a single mother for some months now and had difficulties with my economy so moved back to my parents place (Can't complain! Love to have people around me!) =)

I love to write, paint, do makeup/hair, editing photos taken by me and dance!
It's more like hobbies than stuff I take serious.. Get some orders of paintings, extensions and so on sometimes but nothing more than that.
I study right now to be a psychologist which is my main goal in life =)
So fascinated by the human mind!

As a person Im really loveable! Haha hate to actually tell something like that about myself, feels like Im being a total jerk!
Always happy and positive!
Believe that no matter what, you are in charge of the situation depending on how you choose to look at it =)
So happy face even in the biggest storms! (Well, everyone needs meltdowns)

Always loved the cybergoth style and been on/off- from it since I was 12. Been picking it up again lately after being in a really destructive relationship where I felt that my style wasn't welcome.
But yeah.. Here I am, feeling better than ever and really loving my life and my self!

3 years ago

R4ND0MN355 here with boredom enough to try typing something out about myself. :D

I'm an 18 year old Texan and I found the industrial scene in high school when a friend "opened my eyes" to the wonderful world of chaos that is Cyber.

Nothin' much else special, single, artistic, in college, and seems to be the only Cyber person for miles but oh well.

Let's live it up, proud to be industrial!

3 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm Queen Vicki.
I live in Tx, originally from MD.
I'm terrible at describing myself, but I'll do my best. I'm short, I love industrial dance (even though I'm not that great at it), I'm a single mom, I love music (can't live without it), I love food, I love horror movies, and I have a tndency of putting my own spin on everything that I do. I'm into a little bit of everything as far as music is concerned, but my two fave genres are psychobilly and industrial. I'd like to think that I'm friendly and easy to get along with, but I don't make new friends often because I'm shy when it comes to meeting people and making the first move towards friendship. Once you get to know me, I'm very bubbly, hyper, and talkative.
I've loved dancing in general ever since I can remember, and I've had a thing for dancey music since I was about 7 years old. I also love reading and I'm obsessed with spooky stuff in general.

3 years ago

Hello Das Klub!

My name is Stacie aka Bleeding_Willow, I am a dancer trying to make a name for myself . check out my videos I'd love feed back and advice on what would make them better! I hope to have a lot of fun and make great interesting contacts here to make a name in the scene for myself. The only thing I ask is that nobody approaches me like how vampirefreaks people do with only flirting on the mind. I'm here to show my art and learn from other great talented dancers not be harassed. so if you have the purest of intentions send a message my way with advice on my vids. Bye thanks for reading and glad to be apart of the site.

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