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Favorite Cyberpunk Films

anybody like any cyberpunk movies? some of my favorites are eXistenz, the alien and matrix sagas, and 12 monkeys, what do you guys like?

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4 years ago 2013-09-06  

4 years ago

Well I guess I will go with the Tron remake (I could watch that one again and again everyday).

Also Blade Runner is always going to be one of my personal favs.

4 years ago

Ghost In The Shell

4 years ago

eXistenZ! Ah that movie was soo great but I haven't seen it in forever. Now I have to watch it again.

4 years ago

Here's my top 3 - Repo Men, Repo! The Genetic Opera and Aeon Flux.

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4 years ago

hard to top Blade Runner.

^which Aeon Flux? anime or live action?

4 years ago

I haven't watched the anime series yet. Just the 2005 film.
Speaking of Blade Runner, it's my 4th. And The Gene Generation goes next.

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4 years ago

I haven't seen The Gene Generation, maybe I will check that out next :D

4 years ago

Aeon Flux the movie was pretty good, but I highly recommend seeing the anime.

4 years ago

would anyone consider Looper Cyberpunk? i really enjoyed that movie, but i think my favorite is definitely Blade Runner lol it's literally the perfect cyberpunk.

4 years ago

I actually never watch TV, or films. xD

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4 years ago

^^yeah I'd consider Looper cyberpunk. getting tired of Bruce Willy though XD

2 years ago

I have a pretty big collection of them, since I pirate most of my movies.
Some of my favorites would be...
-Death Machine DC
-Ghost In The Shell
-Godkiller(though it's more of a motion comic, unfortunately)
-Jin Roh
-Natural City
-Paranoia One Point O
-Strange Days
-Technotise (Edit I Ja)
-The Zero Theorum
-Wonderful Days

Edited   2 years ago

The MTV Aeon Flux is the best. I could watch that over and over. It's inspirational. The movie in comparison wasn't too great. I felt it was more of a bridge trying to explain away the (lack of) continuity in the anime.

As for movies: Equilibrium was perfect. I'm looking forward to the coming Archer & Armstrong (Valiant) movie, that should be killer.

Edited   2 years ago

Let's see:

TRON (Original & Legacy both)
THX 1138
Escape From New York
Escape From L.A.
Blade Runner

(The original trilogy, especially the first one directed by Paul Verhoeven)

The Running Man
Split Second
Hardware (aka M.A.R.K. 13)
Nemesis 2: Nebula
Nemesis 3: Prey Harder
Nemesis 4: Death Angel
Total Recall (1990 movie only)

Judge Dredd
(The 2012 Karl Urban movie too)

Omega Doom
Johnny Mnemonic

(Great movie from 1998 directed by Darren Aronofsky)

New Rose Hotel

!!!!<----THE MATRIX SAGA---->!!!!

The 13th Floor
Paranoia 1.0
Immortal (Immortel, ad vitam)
I, Robot
├ćon Flux

!!!!<----THE GENE GENERATION---->!!!!
(This movie is just freakin' Awesome xP)

Babylon A.D.
Repo Men

And some more...

1 year ago

i have to say Aeon Flux

1 year ago

My top 5:
1. Blade Runner
2. Equilibrium
3. Matrix
4. Elysium
5. Tron Legacy

2 months ago

About Cyberpunk. I can say my favourited film is Virus. 1999. Flesh, circuits, machinery...

2 months ago

RoboCop Ghost in the shell Matrix Tron: Legacy

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