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Anger management songs.

I think Suicide Commando has a lot of these:

And here´s one of my favourite "punch holes in the wall till you feel better" songs:

So what are your anger management songs?

Posted By: Schizophrenick Schizophrenick
4 years ago 2013-05-01  

4 years ago

This one is a killer:

1 year ago

1 year ago

3 weeks ago

Destroy everything by Combichrist.
If you wonder why I don't put a link to that song here, it is because there are no videos of that song. It is on their album: 'This is where death begins.'
Skullcrusher by Combichrist is a great song for anger management too:

3 weeks ago

For industrial dancing the frustration away songs with a high bpm work the best for me.
Like Search and Destroy by Studio-X, Decapitated by Studio-X and Street fighter by Angerfist.

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