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> > Centipede industrial danceable?

Centipede industrial danceable?

I really like the song Centipede by Knife Party and I have danced to it a couple of times already and today too. It does have the certain feel to me, that makes it suitable for a future industrial dance project. The only thing I hesitate about if it is actually possible to industrial dance properly to it (if it does match the rhythm and the kind of song). So what do you think about it?
Link to song:

Posted By: CriticalChaos CriticalChaos
2 months ago 2017-08-28  

2 months ago

I don't think so, this is more like dub step. Industrial dance is mostly 135-140 BPM in a constant fashion.

2 months ago

Okay, then this won't be a future project.
I exactly hesitated about that.

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