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Eclipse related songs

Help list songs about the sun, moon or an eclipse that relate to industrial!

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3 months ago 2017-08-15  

Edited   3 months ago

Apoptygma Berzerk - Eclipse
lyrics: "...some day we'll catch a glimpse of eternity, as the world stands still, for a moment..."

Funker Vogt - Black Hole
lyrics: "...the sun is burning a black hole in my mind...."

lyrics: "...as the sun burns our your eyes, a new world will now arise..."

MDFMK - Stare at the sun
lyrics: "...when you stare at the sun, what do you see..."

3 months ago

maybe this one song will help you enjoy the eclipse

3 months ago

Covenant - I Close My Eyes has nothing to do with an eclipse... you're stretching things pretty far to make that connection

2 months ago

This is the closest thing, Covenant wise I know...

2 months ago

since i had a bad phone and the photo was horrible i had to but your right dead stars is better

Edited   2 months ago

Kirlian Camera - Eclipse

"I know, there's no answer, but a wonderful eclipse"

other version...

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