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First 'Industrial' band you found out about

What was the first band that you consider Industrial that you found out about? Was their a specific song? What brought you into the machine?

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3 years ago 2014-05-08  

Edited   3 years ago

Backstreet boys.

I don't remember

Edited   3 years ago

Possibly wumpscut, or snog....
I don't remember though

Edited   3 years ago

Heimataerde :D
I loved electro beats and also was a fan of metal and/or "dark" music - the "industrial" music was a very nice mix :D

3 years ago

Nurzery [Rhymes] I think :D

3 years ago


I got into the more electronic stuff when I started going out.

Edited   3 years ago

Doomsday Refreshment Comittee - Game of Pain

I was 13 years old :P

3 years ago

Agonoize ^^

3 years ago

God Module

3 years ago

First Time is see Industrial Dance too (in the official Video to "TZDV" / Tanz zwo drei vier)

3 years ago

Believe it or not:


A really small artist, but his song "Der dunkle Engel" was a suggestion on YT when I first came into contact with medieval music :P

3 years ago


2 years ago

My first industrial band I found out was Noisuf - X and X - Fusion.

4 months ago

I discovered at the same time Angelspit and Psyclon Nine when I was 17 years old beacause of my first ex.

Edited   4 months ago

my first band was xRx - Stage 2 made me feel like getting up and dance

2 months ago

Nitzer Ebb. Song: let your body learn

2 months ago

Agonoize - Koprolalie 😊✌🏻

2 months ago

Ministry everyday is halloween. Or maybe the snow by coil

2 months ago

Eisenfunk, Neuroticfish, Fgfc820
Neuroticfish is the artist of the first 'industrial' song I have ever heard. It was the song 'They are coming to take me away'. But then I thought it was just one awesome song and the rest by them sucked, like what was the case most of the time at that time with the songs I listened to and musicians. This turns out to not be the case with Neuroticfish, I figured out last year. While I got to know about that song 2,5 years ago already.
I stumbled upon that song in this animation:

Two years ago, I developed my first cybergoth oc anon (roleplaying characters, although nobody wanted to roleplay with her :(). And because of that I wanted to get know at least a little bit about the cybergoth subculture I typed in 'cybergoth music' in Pinterest and stumbled upon Pong by Eisenfunk, at that time I didn't further research that band again.

Last Fgfc820, because Insurrection by them was the first song in an aggrotech playlist, I liked that song and that was the first song where I finally, listened to more songs by the band of straight after that.
So in my case, it really depends on how you interpretend the question.

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