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High bpm (180+) industrial

Hey everyone!

I've been trying to scour the internet for industrial/noise in the range of 180-200 + bpm for a while now. I have found incredibly few songs. I would really like to make a mix and in all likelihood a dance video. Would anyone have any idea of songs in this range or songs without vocal samples that could be sped up well?

If anyone could help that'd be great.

Posted By: Wolfangst Wolfangst
1 year ago 2016-09-01  

1 year ago

Which songs have you found?

1 year ago

There aren't many songs in thsi speed range. However you might want to look into dum Hardcore Drum'n'Bass and Industrial Hardcore Sets / Songs, they sometimes get very near to the noisy sound ;)

3 weeks ago

What do you think of the song Hours and Dreams by the Outside Agency? No, it's not industrial, but I really like that song, so it's worth a go.

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