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How do you find new music?

Please be specific

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3 years ago 2013-10-31  

3 years ago

Well mostly with friends, when they show me music or when in clubs where music is played (e.g. Matrix)...

And also via YT suggestions ^^

3 years ago

Same here, my best friend is always looking for new songs :D And when I hear a new song in the club (e.g. Shadow, Essigfabrik) I ask my friends or the DJ himself what the name of the song is ^^

3 years ago

I really think DJ playlists from all over the world should be put online. That's how I used to find new music. If there are any ambitious hard working people that are interested in helping me with getting industrial clubs to do this, let me know.

3 years ago

Youtube...and watching dancing videos from other dancers...sometimes they use bands/songs I never heard of before and the I reasearch them=)

3 years ago

Youtube is my largest source. Sometimes I'll click a suggestion, and then a few more until I find something I haven't heard a million times before. It's how I've found acts like The Synthetic Dream Foundation, XMH, and Hocico. Other than that, sometimes acts perform and I'm introduced to someone else who's opening for them, that I find I like a bit more. Prime examples being when I saw DYM open for Combichrist, and when I saw Ivardensphere open for Orphan Grinder.

3 years ago

I actually find music in the clubs and youtube. Watching industrial dance videos with music I `d never heard before :)

1 year ago

I find my Music in Clubs and on DJ Setlists.
For the Rest I'm searching in the Internet like a Shopping Tour :)

Edited   3 weeks ago

Always, from Spotify suggestions. But at early was the same on youtube

3 weeks ago

Currently I find new music through SoundCloud.

3 weeks ago

From friends and YouTube.

3 weeks ago

in clubs

11 days ago

YouTube and podcasts like Communion after Dark

5 days ago

Youtube or SoundCloud


Youtube watching industrial dance videos. As well as podcasts and mixcloud and clubs

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