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Music like Gesaffelstein

I recently rediscovered Gesaffelstein who make quite groovy experimental electronica with a certain dark / ambient touch...

Any of you know a playlist or more interprets who have a similar sound?

Would be great :D

Posted By: JavaxChaos JavaxChaos
6 months ago 2016-09-10  

Edited   4 weeks ago

TOUTANT, OWL Vision, HAEZER - BEASTS, Perhopes, Hyper, AGLORY.

Edited   4 weeks ago

Perturbator - Future Club

4 weeks ago

Fukkk Offf - Rave Is King (2014 Remake), boys noize.

3 weeks ago

W00t hell yeah

Can't much think of anything this slow while still as dark.
Not much as cool comes to mind either.

Thx for the share anyway, gonna dig into it too.

3 weeks ago

I have two more interprets: autopunk & mak others, into the pale abyss

2 weeks ago

These are some really nice tracks and artists, thank you! :)

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