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Which music genre do you dislike the most?

Of all the music genres out there that you know about, which one do you find yourself the least interested in and why?

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3 years ago 2014-05-08  

3 years ago

Historical Concept Albums; especially when they get a fascist following.

I like Amon Amarth.

3 years ago

- Bad memories :0

3 years ago

Rap, Reggae and Dubstep.

3 years ago

Arabic Traditional Music

3 years ago

Rap/ Hip Hop -,-

Edited   3 years ago

Most of the new generation electro/disco shit with gay male vocals.
Especially Trap/Trapstep music. :]

3 years ago

All of thee above

3 years ago

Country music, it's very depressing -.-*

3 years ago


My first music scene was hip hop, i also was a rapper...
I love Dubstep!
Most of my friends were metaller, so i went to the metal scene after hip hop.
Reggea chills...country makes me feeling happy, i also like arabic traditional music :D
Soundtracks, RPG music, world music, Metalcore, Horrorcore, Pop, Synthrock, Irish Folk Punkrock, Folk music, Classic...i love all of it!
I even hear sometimes Schlager music xD

2 years ago

I don't like grindcore! X(

2 years ago

I dislike Hip Hop and Rap.

1 year ago

Reagetton. Ugh

1 year ago

I dislike rap music and most hiphop.
And also dislike some of metal, the kind that you would hear only as noisy junk instead of rhythm or music.
I label electronic dance /party music as "good music" and otherwise as just plain "music."

1 year ago

i love dubstep Reggea rap and Electronic Dance Music i dont like pop or country music

5 months ago

Shitty pop music in the radio of today.

5 months ago

AFAIK "Depressive Country" is an ectual music genre in its own.

I don't much like "Classical" or most "Jazz". Or dare I speak of it *shudders* - Opera: Which is exactly why I so much adore the group Igorrr

But yeah I used to dislike pop, rap, reggae etc., but now I can add it to my assortment next to all the weird things I'm also into.

5 months ago

Dubstep haha

5 months ago

Funny how many people don't like pop :D

Pop = POPular music = not really a genre for itself, can be all kinds of electro, folk, rock, ambient etc...

All special snowflakes who just don't want to go with the mainstream (which most of the time is next to pop)? :D

Edited   5 months ago

The popularity of music says nothing of the impact it has on a person but pop is usually known for a certain vocal style. Pop music usually elevates the vocals and polishes them off a lot. There is industrial pop, that music is usually with high vocals and a certain chorus, intro, build up format. Pop isn't a genre but there are attributes to it.

It's an obnoxious hipster attitude that makes someone not like something purely based on popularity. I mean sure, explore and don't settle but Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails are pop music. I can't say I have liked them much since I was like 12 years old but it's still pop music because yes, it's popular.

5 months ago

Country. *sighs* One of the few genres I could never listen to. Jazz, blues also.

I have to agree with above. Popular music doesn't have to be labeled bad. It's all about the feelings when you listen to something, one might still enjoy a song that every single person in the world knows.
Rejecting something based on popularity might lead to shallow ways :)

4 months ago

Hip Hop, particularly the main-stream stuff.
I have a hard time seeing why it appeals to some people. It's something with the theme and attitude that just depresses me, like there's no sense of playfulness.
Rap in it's conceptual form though I can appreciate. My favourite rap song is T.R.I.C by Otep.

And for the record, I do enjoy live Jazz music. The fast swingy stuff of course ;)

3 months ago

rap (or hip hop? is there a difference?), reggae, radio pop and anything that relates to any of these genres.
besides that, I seem to be quite openminded.

7 days ago

I can't say i really despise anything. I do hate the sound of brass band instruments being played, but i either have a tolerance, like or love fro everything else. I like a variety of music and culture~

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