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Wumpscut is no more

Wumpscut is no more – R.I.P. : ‘I am finished with making music for (more or less) nothing’

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2 months ago 2017-08-30  

2 months ago

At least we will allways have got the best of them.

Edited   2 months ago

Wumpscut's music has been very spotty for the last 15 years. If you are a Logic Pro user, you realize that he is using a lot of default loops built into the program. That doesn't necessitate that the music is bad but it shows the lack of effort and time that was going into it for someone of his caliber.

I don't think the music has been fulfilling for anyone, Rudy R. or his fans, for quite some time. Couple this with the fact that he refused to play live, mostly out of fear of a bad performance and dislike of a touring lifestyle, it's not a total surprise he's quitting.

Yes, it has to do with money but we are in a different era now than in 1991 when Wumpscut started. We are transitioning into an art/ music world where art/ music is made out of necessity, not occupation. One cannot assume anything career-wise with music anymore, this is in part a result of the accessibility of technology and information. EVERYONE is a musician now.

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