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Describe your last dream

What was the last dream you remember having?

Posted By: admin admin
2 years ago 2015-01-29  

2 years ago

It was a nightmare. Getting lost in an abonded building and being murdered by an old friend of mine. He pulled the knife into my heart and then I woke up ^^

Edited   2 years ago

A room without windows and an open door. Just a bed in it. I am tied to the four corners of the bed. Fire on the left and right side of the bed but a save passage from the bed to the door. The girl i'm in love with enters the room. I plea for her to untie me but she just check the knots that they will keep me where i am. She leaves the room. Slowly the flames reach the bed. I am startting to burn. I am screaming in pain ... I wake up.

2 years ago

I am controlling a sequence from The Matrix Revolutions (the bit where the 'Hammer' ship navigates back to Zion) with a DDR-pad acting in place of a joystick, kind of like a 'dodge this' bit of an arcade video game. Sometimes the scene would take some departures and shift to things like platforming and... uh... 1-on-1 basketball? It got a bit too weird at that point and I just woke up, haha.

2 years ago

Zombies was my last dream. X0

2 years ago

Drinking with aliens

2 years ago

Something involving an 80s-90s era shopping mall that had been renovated into apartments. I remember it being very odd because the bathroom I had was facing the street and had a big picture window with a claw footed bathtub haphazardly placed near it. The main hallway area was tiled in what looked like large squares of black basalt and the walls were some kind of facsimile of brown and tan marble. All the doors were of blackened brass and had an art deco look to them.
Also I had a blacksmithing studio in the underground parking lot complete with power hammer affixed to the floor with bolts capped with little round LED spheres.

2 years ago

In a padded hallway, three doors, the left door, my crazy side, the right, my gf, and in the middle one of my alters

1 year ago

I dreamt of my wedding day last night.... I was wearing a white designer gown with amazing bridal shoes.... Oh! it felt so amazing!!!!

1 year ago

i dream about that i was in space in the planet mars with the aliens they were just standing there not saying anything i say hello they never relplay back i got into there ship and they say are you one of us and i say yes and they took me away

4 months ago

I recently had a dream where someone had pins all in their face, like Pinhead from Hellraiser but you couldn't see their skin at all, it was just metal everywhere.

3 months ago

I had a dream where I was going to my work.
and then I woke up and actually went to work. :P

2 months ago

I had the exact same dream as the admin many years ago. I suppose I had that dream when I was 8 years old.

But my most recent dream was that I wrote a complaint email to the website that offers digital explanation of the subjects I am following to sort of replace fully degreed teachers, that I can't have due to the fact I am on a secondary school that specializes in autism, that they still didn't add math to the subjects I am following.

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