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Do you cut your own hair?

Instead of paying for haircuts, do you cut your own hair, if so how?

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3 years ago 2014-01-30  

3 years ago

Sometimes, as long as it's nothing exceptionally complicated. For example, if I just want fringe, I'll do that myself. For that, I just do a straight cut and make sure everything is even - I don't like layered fringe or face-framing fringe. I prefer it blunt.
I've also given myself both a blunt bob and a layered bob. The layered bob was so long ago, I really don't remember how I did it. But I did the two mirrors thing to get the back of my head. Recently, I decided to shave one side of my head. I did it myself because I don't wanna pay for something that's so ridiculously simple. I went over to my bestie's place so she could give me some courage, made my section and secured my hair with bobby pins, then shaved it. I re-shave it every two weeks or so.

3 years ago

Nope =D

They are doing a job just like everybody else, and men's cuts are not so expensieve (if you only cut) :D

3 years ago

Sometimes x3 Depends on the haircut

3 years ago

<-- cuts own hair

I typically shave my own head, because if it gets messed up, there's no one else to be mad at.

Also, I rarely make a grievous error. ;-) Slow and steady.

3 years ago

Sure, take the ponytail and slash a few inches with hair scissor. Et voila !!... yes it the lazy way, I know ;P

3 years ago

I style my own hair but I'm that awkward stage of growing it back. I went drastic and restarted an undercut that went too high.

3 months ago

I do because 1. it's indeed a waste of money that I could spend on something better and 2. I just hate when strangers touch my hair.

2 months ago

Always. Most of the time it's just the sides and back that needs shaving, and a couple times a year I shorten the rest when it has become too long to my liking.

2 months ago

I've been cutting my own hair for like 6 years. The cost of the electric shaver is like $15 and that's good for like 5+ years of haircuts. It's an obvious choice to save money and also furthers one's own self-reliance. That plus I hate small talk with a barber.

2 months ago

I forgot to mention that I hate small talk, too. I never know how to do it. :P

Edited   2 months ago

I seem to be the clumsy one that can't even put proper pig tails in my hair leave alone cutting it.
Edit: I just realized that not that much long haired people responded in this thread, so I guess that means that I do not have to feel the only one.
(Making proper pig tails is an important skill to put in cyberlox, I'd like to make you aware that to people with low motorskills like me, have a really hard time putting in cyberlox.)
Ironically, a lot of relatives both alive and passed away used to be or are hairdresser. My grandma who passed away a long time before I even was born used to be hairdresser when she was alive and was able to work.
By the way, did you know there does exist such thing as a no small talk chair at the hairdresser? There aren't very many of them yet, but they are there.

Edited   7 days ago

Cutting, dying, everything I do by myself. Always have been :)
Though my hair has been very long since.. 13 years now. Hairdressers usually don't understand what people want, and are expensive. Even if you fail, it is alot better to fail with hair cutting yourself than someone else failing with it :)

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