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Last words (but not 100% final yet)

Last words (shout-outs):

If it is possible in any way, I would like to share this on Das Klub.
Yes, I know it's early now but I didn't know if Das Klub would have been shut down forever or not.
You may have not known me for that long yet, but I have known you for a long time already.

NGS Crew: This was the first active industrial dance crew, I have ever known about. Because of them I knew, there still are active industrial dancers today. The latest video on that channel at that time was Kikuu's introduction in the NGS Crew. I also liked that they have submitted the first industrial dance video that was in my subcribtions on Youtube. In particular I like the dancers Hate Hunter, his style has inspired me a lot.

Infinity X: Shoutout for making the most creative industrial dance videos ever. I esspecially like the dance video you made to Electric Butterfly by Desastroes.

Ciwana Black: Also one of the first active industrial dancers I ever got to know about. I esspecially like the blogs you created at the time you were pregnant, because back then you weren't allowed to go to loud stages and I easily get sensory overloads because of my autism.

Sektor Dancer: One of the best industrial dancers ever, that's for sure. He just has got such smooth and swift moves.

To all: Thank you for getting me through really tough times in my life. I haven't talked about it yet, but in February and March, when I just started industrial dancing I had heavy panic attacks and suffered from the trauma of it and sleeping issues for a couple of months after. I felt like I was, but wasn't myself at the same time. You helped me to stay possitive and look at the bright side of life.

Noizeinjektion: I knew you from Instagram already and I got to know you even better on the forum.

Again these are not my final last words, I will add some other people in here or add more discription to people who are in this list already.

Posted By: CriticalChaos CriticalChaos
2 months ago 2017-09-02  

2 months ago

In case comments are sparse I just wanted to say that I like your initiative of thanking the people that inspires you. I'm sure they'll appreciate it a lot, I sure would.

Keep it up!

2 months ago

Thanks! I also did this with my favourite creators on Flipnote Hatena, which is an animation community that ended a couple of years ago, so I also decided to do this with members of Das Klub as that community might end soon too.

2 months ago

Thank you for your really nice words! :)
So happy that I actually got to read them and das Klub is still online.

2 months ago

Thanks! I am happy too, you could read them before Das Klub ends.

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