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This is a rather unimportant discussion, I just wanted to talk with people about stuff. including, but not limited to industrial dance. More specifically, I dont dance myself, yet, but I want to go to Germany and try, as well as just have fun, meet cool people and watch everyone. It would be really awesome and amazing. it would be really amazing to meet up at a Das Klub event over there in Germany

Posted By: student_of_dark student_of_dark
6 months ago 2017-04-04  

6 months ago

Join us at the Amphi, you will definately meet many people ;)

6 months ago

I'll probably go in over in a few years as some Graduation present thing. But when is this Amphi you are talking about? What month? And Where? Is it mentioned in the events section? Is there typically some sort of entrance fee to those events? I assume there would be, see as it would be structured like a fair as far as I know..

6 months ago

Amphi Festival is basically a yearly event that takes place in Cologne, Germany around July. It's different because it's both indoor and outdoor, it's located in maybe the most scenic spot of any industrial/ EBM festival - the Rhein River near the Cathedral there.

This was where I first travelled alone to meet people from this site in 2012 and again in 2014. It's the festival with the most industrial dancers, that is why it's so popular here.

You can read more on their site: http://www.amphi-festival.de

6 months ago

Nothing to add to our admin's answer ^^

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