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Should all drugs be legalized?

Would it be better if all drugs were legal?

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3 years ago 2013-12-28  

3 years ago

Not all drugs, no. THC, MDMA, LSD maybe some others, absolutely. Stuff like meth, PCP and the like, I am not sure there is a way to make those safe even with government regulation.

3 years ago

What about decriminalization? Portugal decriminalized all drugs 12 years ago and it's working, they say. People get fines, not jail time.

3 years ago

Perhaps. I don't think it would work in America. We are too fond of dictating other's existence. I mean, it's illegal to kill yourself for for crying out loud. Besides, it is not as profitable. Look at all the psychological and emotional conditions MDMA could treat. Drug companies make more from placebos and temporary fixes than an actual treatment. And we all know our government is run off profit.

3 years ago

One thing to be noted is that due to America's pitifully high rate of blended families and emotional disorders, the use of chemical altering drugs isn't always conducive to a happy life. Granted there are drugs like THC that are harmless and even helpful to basically everyone, it has potential to disrupt delicate minds that wouldn't know the consequences. Few people are smart enough to look at family history along with personal background to say, "maybe tweaking my mind isn't such a good idea given the circumstances." Legalization to certain drugs wouldn't be very harmful, except to those unaware of their own personal imbalances, which unfortunately is a lot of people. But hey if it helps then do it.

3 years ago

only marijuana because there are many people who have a disease can be helped

3 years ago

Dub, that is why some form of regulation would be needed. In addition, just like with alcohol etc. it takes a bit of personal responsibility. For example, I know I can handle THC quite well, but not in public. I know it doesn't affect me the same as it does most. Therefore it is up to me to not use it haphazardly.

Ijsselz, the same can be said for some other drugs as well, namely MDMA. With proper application it could hale treat anxiety, PTSD, etc and even relationship counseling.

3 years ago

It's a large drain on the economy to police and jail people for THC. I don't think everyone should use it though.

3 years ago

Agreed. The flip side to that being how much money could be made, how many people could be helped etc. if it was legalized and regulated.

3 years ago

Más que legalizadas, las drogas deben ser creadas para no producir efectos colaterales negativos.

las drogas son un motor importante de la economia, su legalizacion implica la disminucion de costos y como consecuencia perdida de dinamica economica, las drogas presentan muchas aristas de problemas, irresponsabilidad en el consumo, extrema violencia en los campos de producion, y la regular ignorancia de quienes la comercian.


More than legalized drugs should be created to have no negative side effects.

Drugs are a major driver of the economy, its legalization implies the decrease of costs and lost as a result of economic dynamics, drug problems have many edges, irresponsible consumption, extreme violence or production fields, and regular ignorance of whom they trade.

3 years ago

Drugs or not..
I believe it's up to the individual her/himself what they want to do to their own body and soul.

I don't think that drugs should be illegal.. why should it?
Alcohol is legal and worse than maruijana.. If we take chemical drugs as an example of destroying your body.. Hmpf, how about tobacco? Or what about the chemicals in make-up products, cleaning products and products used for cars, factorys and so on.
The harmfull chemical in XTC is used in so many households in this very moment..

Im sorry for my spelling and so on, Im really tired right now.

What I wanted to say was simply..
Yes, they should.
We are responsible for our own bodies and if I want to put chemical substanses in my body then I should have the right to do that.
If I want to I could go upstairs now and drink cleaningproducts, why aren't they illegal? They are harmfull as well.

I'll probably never understand why maruijana is illegal when alcohol and tobacco is legal..

However.. I don't take drugs at all, but still think it should be legalized.

3 years ago

There already "legal" drugs such as alcohol, and I do not think that the "kick" or effect this drug has is positive. There are too many crimes and conflicts connected with alcohol.

The problem I have with drugs is that oc course people can deicde for themselves. But when you allow them for people +18 or +21 years old then younger people will always find a solution for getting those drugs.

And 14 year old children will loose themselves in these drugs, so I do not think that all drugs should be legalized at the moment.

3 years ago

I think this argument starts off as a Capitalist debate.

All drugs should be available from the perspective of the Freedom of Choice article in the Human Rights Act, but the persecution of active drug use should be limited to medicinal use as decreed by users themselves, in a fair society; and I think it's safe to assume more custom equates to more virulent marketing, positive or negative.

It doesn't seem to work like that where the economic miasma of opinions are decisively categorized into roleplaying societal junkies.

3 years ago

The 'invisible hand' wants to get you high!

3 years ago

Not all drugs...
But cannabis should be legalized asap for gods sake ;)

3 years ago

Drugs are bad mmmmmmmmmkay?

3 years ago

Drugs are not implicitly bad. They are a tool. Steve Jobs credited LSD for a lot, now we have iPhones (gracias).

The problem is often abuse. The idea that drugs are an end when they are only an optional means makes their legalization unlikely and the perpetual taxation towards their policing inevitable.

3 years ago

Some drugs can temporarily increase creativity...LSD, pot.

Some drugs can aid in relationship building...MDMA.

Some drugs can increase motivation & activity...caffeine.

But aside from the few exceptions(like what I listed above), they are extremely detrimental to just about everything, and "moderation" is at BEST only going to last veryyyyyy temporarily(I.e. Crack, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and when u get to levels of ABUSE with many pharmaceuticals as well)

3 years ago

I don't advocate the habitual use of drugs.

Drugs are not an answer, they can be a hack, a way to get to a state of mind that one doesn't have to work as hard towards. That said, I think the best deterrent is education and not jail time/ etc. How that takes place is unfortunately overly dramatic when administered by the government. For example, the idea that taking a hit of weed is going to ruin your life fosters a sense of distrust in the government once one realizes that's a lie. Even the current president admitted to how weed helped him.

3 years ago

With weed yes, but I think that stigma is disappearing...weed is being legalized step by step.

But the topic was should ALL drugs be legalized...and my answer is no, for example: find me someone that says crack "helped" them...I'd like to meet them lol

3 years ago

Yes, the question starts with the legalization of all drugs.

In certain cases, that is actually the best choice (decriminalization to be precise): http://content.time.com/tim...

"Judging by every metric, decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success"

"it's fair to say that decriminalization in Portugal has met its central goal. Drug use did not rise."

I think it's interesting that the experiment was a success. Given how much of my hard earned dollars go to locking up people in jail, I think it's interesting.

2 weeks ago

It's a tough one, my dad, the most republican person in my family thinks marihuana should be legalized, because that will decrease crimes. I do kind of agree with him. I don't know what he thinks of legalizing all drugs, I at least would rather ban all drugs than legalizing all drugs.

Ironically I am more democrat and I am more on the ban drugs side. Because I just have got the really strong desire going out would just be about dancing, socializing, enjoying music etc. Not about drugs (and alcohol, although that's not relevant for the thread, moreover I think banning all bad things is too hypocrite.)

So, the answer to the main question to the thread is a no for me.

2 weeks ago

Making drugs illegal has done one thing: make them more potent. There is no stopping a demand for drugs, that strategy has failed, you cannot eliminate the supply, it just becomes more profitable.

The other problem with having drugs illegal is we cannot research them to know what positive effects they may have. This also causes people to take drugs that are more harmful, created with alternative substances that give similar effects.

It's a very difficult topic but in principle, I believe all drugs should be legalized or at least decriminalized. Through proper education about their effects, people could make choices that are less destructive.

Education and allowing people to do valuable things for society would reduce the likelihood of people seeking drugs as an escape/ solution and focus more on their positive effects. Additionally, this would lead to more responsible use.

2 weeks ago

I think legalizing hard drugs like xtc and speed too is way too dangerous. Many people die, out of (over)usage of these kind of drugs, that number for sure shouldn't increase.

I do agree with your arguments for soft drugs though.

2 weeks ago

More people die from alcohol related issues than any other substance, I don't think many people die from XTC or Speed.

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