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Stories of meeting people from Das Klub

This is a thread about stories you have from meeting people through Das Klub.

The main purpose of this site is not to just make cyber friends but rather, to actually meet people in real life. I know this has happened many times at clubs, concerts, festivals and even cafes. So, I, and I assume other people for that matter, are curious about these stories.

In my case, everything about the formation of this site relates to meeting people first on YouTube or on this site. I first traveled from San Francisco to Chicago to meet CyberJelly89 who helped make the first Das Klub dance contest with me in 2011. I then traveled to Cologne for Amphi Fest in 2012 to meet dozens of people who I met both from here and on YouTube.

I have tons of stories and most are related to traveling a long way, always alone. Ironically, there have been people in my own city that I met through this site first. Anyway, I have lots of stories, what are your stories?

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4 months ago 2017-07-14  

4 months ago

My newest memories are from last WGT. Lugen recognized me while I was waiting for Stoppenberg at Nontox :) I was really surprised that someone from our community already recognized me after my first hour on the wgt. So I knew this would be an awesome weekend :D We talked a short time and then we left each other to go dancing to Stoppenberg and Centhron :) On the next day we had our Das Klub Meeting and there I met more amazing people (especially InfinityX). I was really fascinated by their industrial dance. I could have seen their dancing all day <3 So we spent a nice time together and especially we had a lot of fun :D I met many other friends and just realized that the time was too short...I hope to see them soon again :) There are many other nice people here I would like to get to know because we`re texting a lot.

Thread: Stories of meeting people from Das Klub

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