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What Is Reality?

An interesting video on the topic of reality that discusses physics, all past and future existing at the same time.

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4 weeks ago 2017-10-25  

3 weeks ago

Just an illusion. And it is possible to prove that using quantum physics and it was just as well years ago.

The "crystal"-analogy is just another way to express these laws.

Also to say that we "do not know" the speed of light is debatable. It is not measurable for us that exact because of the laws of quantum physics.

However when considering quantum physics, the expectation of an experiment has already changed its outcome. So the idea that our consciousness matters is not that new.

There are also some very interesting experiments in Japan made with water supporting that thesis.

And i don't like the way Einstein is shown here. Without him, our modern society would not even be close to where we are now and still he is always shown as the crazy man.
The picture of him with the tongue out was shot as he just wanted to enjoy some quite with a friend visiting a restaurant and at some moment he was so pissed by the paparazzi that he showed his tongue. The news everywhere listed him as a crazy man and i hate the fact that it is still shown that way today.

And heisenberg didnt give a shit about pizza when he developed the theory all following quantum physics is based on in quiet isolation on a german island.

However, Einstein and Heisenberg did actually fight quite a lot about their theories. ... ^^

Interesting fact about the cells he mentioned in the end, we still do not know how the first cell developed its existence, aka how life was "made" on earth. ...

Still an interesting film. ...

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