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What Really Pisses You Off?

That's right, what gets you MAD?

Posted By: admin admin
4 years ago 2013-10-17  

4 years ago

The kardashians.
People who give high fives.
People who talk about punk rock.
Oh, Mormons and other religious assholes who won't let gay people be married. And adult women who call their tits the girls.
Fall Out Boy and Green Day.
I hate when people use the word actually. Like, are you actually putting that gun to your head.
People who say namaste.
I hate guys that buy hundred thousand dollar cars and then drive them 10 miles slower than the speed limit.
..... and many more ;)

4 years ago

I abhor stupidity and the willingness to remain ignorant. Also,loud and obnoxious people. And lies.

4 years ago

Nothing pisses me off faster than stupidity.

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4 years ago

-bad actors
-washed up good actors
-long cons
-organized religion
-when business goes bad (corruption)
-nuclear power
-two-faces and general deceivers
-anyone who contributes to the saturation of any form of art
-the fact that musicians can lose the rights to their material
-people who steal ideas, just do the work yourself
-those who believe they're mature then proceed to laugh at everyone who isn't like them?
-people who obtain so much wealth that they believe they can make decisions for the rest of the world
-the way that technology is sometimes used for horrible things when it should be something we can all admire and look forward to
-people who create false narratives about others as a pastime
-people who are afraid of guns
-my own flaws

4 years ago

I hate:
-lazy people
-boring people
-stupid people
-too pessimistic people
- people who always lie
-people who make rules but break them
-people who discriminate against others
-violent people
-manipulating people
-naïve people
-people with prejudices

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4 years ago

-Rude people
-Unreasonable people
-Prideful people
-Modern politics
-Being pissed off by so many things you can't even list them all

4 years ago

When going out dancing:

- People who go to the middle of the dance floor...and just stand there. Would you like it if I went to a McDonald's where you're standing in line and started dancing? No? Then go hug the freakin wall if you're just gonna stand there like a half wit.

- When I'm putting in effort to not accidentally hit anyone while some d-bag is bumping into people because he's not in tuned with his surroundings.

- When I'm about to "break it down" and some fucker gets in the way, making me want to push people out of the way just to get some elbow room.


- When someone says that they want to tell me something but they don't know if they should or not, or they tell a story and decide to not finish it. BITCH YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BOUGHT IT UP!!

- Most of what appears on tv commercials nowadays. I'm fat, have a small dick and I can't fuck worth shit. I get it.

- Coming home from work and my roomate asking me 'how's work' every goddamn day. IF YOUR BROKE ASS HAD A JOB YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO FUCKIN ASK.

- That one person that you're forced to stay in contact with on a regular basis that's always *this* close to getting fucked up. If it wasn't for a thing called prison rape, I'd beat you till couldn't breathe anymore.

-Swear words and the like being considered adult language and yet I still hear grown adults say "poop". There's plenty of words to call the result of bowel movements: Feces, defecation, excretion, feekle-matter, dung. I actually feel a twig snap in my head whenever I hear grown folk seriously say "poop".

- When you ask a girl out and she laughs at you instead of just saying no. Ouch.

- The fact that they allow anyone to breed. Like...ANYONE. Don't need to go through any forms. Don't need a license. Don't need to go through any qualifications. Whoever wants to fuck and have a kid, they can have one.

- Having my scrotum ripped open and then having a dog eat my testicles while they're still attached to me. I never had that happen to me before, but I'm pretty sure I'm sure I wouldn't like it.

4 years ago

Emo kids.

3 years ago

People staring at their cell phone instead of the person sitting 2 feet away from them.

And people curling in the squat rack

3 years ago

Ignorant people
Stupid people
Skinny women who think that looking like skeletons is attractive and some of them look more like men (no boobs, no heaps, no bum) and the society who accept it. Because all this promotes bulimia, anorexia and suicide.

3 years ago

I just ignore things that I do not like...but the only thing that I always find intolerable is when someone dictates me what to do.

3 years ago

-Bad internet connection.

That's about it.

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3 years ago

People that truly believe they're smarter than anyone and try so hard to make others look stupid when in all actuality they are the ones that look stupid by this action.

3 years ago

What pisses people off......
I'm thinking you'd have to open up a whole other website just to cover that ground! XD

One of the things that pisses me off to no end is people that think younger people have to show respect to older people just because of the age thing. I will not play that game. That old fart in the elevator the other day trying to pick a fight with a person in a wheelchair so totally does not deserve "respect your elders," that is just complete and total BS!

3 years ago

Superficial people

2 years ago

I work as a teacher and I abhorre ignorant and stupid people... You go figure how much rage I have to swallow up. (some of my students are worst than lemmings or sims).
It pisses me off repeating myself.
I find it intolerable that kind of person who has not any respect for other people's -> space/privacy/sleep!
Don't you also hate those idiots who doesn't know what a damned HEADPHONE is???

2 years ago

What pisses me off? Two-faced people and people who are in this gothic subculture but are not serious about it. It disappoints me because I want to meet people who are as serious to it as I.

2 years ago

Hurt children in the bodys of grown- up People who think other humans are toys.

People who don't understand their own Feelings but expect others to treat them better than they treat themself or others.

People lying to themselves and others.

Humans are so ugly.

2 years ago

When people think that their own opinion is (the one and only) right :)

1 year ago

persons who don't tell me something in order not to piss me off ...

1 year ago

Well, there are so many things to be mad at.... but what about the good things.... and for me they are apparel and accessories.........

3 months ago

especially emo kids were annoying in the time of their popularity. thankfully they seem to have disappeared at most.
guess what, an average person in my country doesn't even distinguish cybergoths from emos because every alternative culture is emo to them.

2 months ago

traffic liers emo people who pissed me off staring at their cell phone for to long

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