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> > What worldview does liking cyber/ industrial actually mean?

What worldview does liking cyber/ industrial actually mean?

I think it's important to come to some consensus on what it actually means to associate with cyber/ industrial culture. People inevitably ask why you dress in all black or obsess about technology so what do you say? I do not associate with this culture just to justify a dress style, it's arguably a worldview or lifestyle but about what exactly?

In my opinion some values/ attributes are:
- DIY/ self-reliance mindset (accept no one in this world can help you except yourself)
- distrust of large organizations (corporations, governments and religions)
- knowledge of technology (programming, general information technology and digital media production)
- darker fashion sense (wearing black, boots, camo, neon or anything that obscures or contrasts you from the rest of the world)
- being sort of healthy (dance, run, hike, etc. while so much of the world sits and watches TV)
- self-experimentation/ improvement (bio-hacking, drugs, use of productivity tools and methods to increase time efficiency)
- respect for others of the same mindset (acknowledge and gravitate towards people who do things differently)

What are your personal impressions of what worldview cyber/ industrial is about?

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5 months ago 2017-06-11  

5 months ago

I think your list is really good...

I think the self-reliance mindset also results in the feeling that only few can understand you (not only help).

And I dislike the word "darker" fashion sense, because neon (and most of cyber) isn't dark at all. Many people do express themself dark but I'd simply speak about alternative fashion sense ^^

Edited   5 months ago

I agree "darker" may not be the best word for fashion, maybe edgy or monochrome but it's not always any of these...

5 months ago

Well that's interesting. You more or less summed up my view on things.

Otherwise I've not given much thought about why I gravitate towards this genre. My short answer would be "cause I think it's cool" but maybe there's an implicit relationship.

Either way, I approve of your list.

5 months ago

Well I think the question is more what worldview and intentions do followers of this scene have in common ;) I don't think it's the reason why we follow it (or at least not all of it)! I don't like to dance or listen special kind of music because I have interest in technology for example ;)

5 months ago

This is very interesting... I think there is like a conglomerate of different influences. Each one provides different points of views. (previous music genres, literature/movies, philosophies, etc)
I would sum it up in some kind of disappointment with the "mainstream" world and doing/expressing something about it. I really like the last point in the list, because I'm also against of discrimination and really like to see people being themselves freely.

As a geek/techie too I leave here this gem too: http://project.cyberpunk.ru...

Edited   5 months ago

Shorter, more relevant revision:
The Cyberpunk Manifesto is a bit dated, but it's still relevant.

I do think one part of the manifesto is very relevant today: "Encrypting of informattion is our weapon." I will ignore the misspelling in their text! This is, in brief, is the idea behind Cypherpunk, which is essentially the idea that we can only stop government surveillance of everything we do (from what we buy to where we are) by using encryption (public/ private key cryptography specifically).

I think Cryptocurrencies are a sign of Cyberpunk mentality catching on.

5 months ago

wow... that was a big post!
I just can add for everyone interested in privacy and staying current about technology to follow the eff.org and to adopt good practices regarding data privacy online (using TOR for some tasks perhaps, I use it myself when I don't want people to track my internet usage)

5 months ago

going back to music... and related to this thread I really like the feelings expressed in this song.

5 months ago

I think it's hard to specify songs that sum everything up but it's worth trying.

I know bands like: FGFC820, Front Line Assembly, Terrorfakt, Feindflug, Funker Vogt, Haujobb, Snog and many others have songs related to the topics of thinking for oneself, high tech worlds, government/ military corruption/ control and so on. There are plenty of bands that also just focus on their own life experiences and say nothing politically or really philosophically. In either case, they seem relevant somehow.

2 months ago

Hating populatiy. I do have that worldview while I'm not sure if it is mentioned here. Mainly that some teenagers are pooularity slaves and would just sacrifice anything to become popular. Or lose common sense to be popular.
Also showing I don't belong to them.

Edited   8 weeks ago

I don't think it's about hating popularity. Every group of people acts more or less the same regarding popularity. The main difference is just who a group wants to be popular with.

If you are into sports, you want to be popular with those people. If you are into goth music, then you want to be popular with those people, there is not fundamental difference in the drive, just the content/ topic.

I think people who are into alternative music/ fashion are by definition suspect of mass marketed things but make no mistake, there are countless brands out there selling alternative fashion that use the same tactics. You sell products the same way, sex appeal. It's just the definition of beauty is slightly different from one group to the next.

7 weeks ago

Well the last argument is true, I have read simillar arguments against scene kids who acclaim not be targeted by advertisement. "But you are wearing a popular brand of trainers." In general I do agree with your last argument.

Still popularity has destroyed a part of my life, if my elementary school classmates would have seen everyone equally, I wouldn't have been bullied. So I still hate it.
I feel like the goth subculture is more of a brotherhood, everyone is equal, as long as you like goth music you can join them. Of course, you strive for the most followers as possible, but that's not the kind of popularity I am talking about.

7 weeks ago

I am more against popularity in the sense of 'you can't sit with us.' and stuff like that. Perhaps I have said it wrong, but I really, really hate that attitude.

7 weeks ago

Group vs. group conflict is one thing but life is similar to school, it's just that with age people fight in less physical ways. For example, you don't get hired at a job instead of being pushed to the ground.

7 weeks ago

I have to make up one thing, in elementary school, no one has fighted with me. I rather mean bullying in the sense of that some guys didn't allow me to join if somebody was playing Pokémon because 'Pokémon is not for girls.' In the 7th and 8th grade, a group of girls kept searching for excuses why I couldn't join them. All in all people always seem to sacrifice me for popularity and that's why I hate it. Nobody should be sacrificed for popularity.

7 weeks ago

My point is that the same type of cliques you are talking about in schools definitely exist at clubs. They may act differently but they are just as, if not more, exclusive.

7 weeks ago

That is why I want to destroy popularity.
I hope I won't have a huge mental breakdown today. Or try to explain me what you are trying to do to me. (Bad explanation I hope you get.)

7 weeks ago

I don't understand how it's possible to destroy popularity.

I would generally say that people in alternative communities are more accepting but my point is that most groups/ people act similarly regarding exclusive/ inclusiveness.

Edited   7 weeks ago

I'm sorry I got a bit furious at that line. I can't destroy popularity, even though I really want it sometimes.

I just wonder why the hell people feel the need to exclude people.

7 weeks ago

I'm not a sociologist but I think this behavior of excluding people is in the fabric of life. Nations, states, races, religions, teams, etc., all of it is about excluding people for various reasons.

7 weeks ago

Thanks! I am an open minded person. Just as long as somebody is patient, kind and has got hobbies in common with me I can get along well with that person.

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