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I see on the page for the radio, ya can live stream Das Klub Radio. I also see there is or was a way to stream on Android and iOS using XiiaLive. I used the app and tried streaming Das Klub Radio and I couldn't find it on the app. Does the radio no longer stream on the app or what?

Posted By: Zed Zed
7 months ago 2017-02-28  

Edited   7 months ago

It definitely exists and you can listen to it in XiiaLive.

When you search for it, make sure the "Radio Directories" is set to "SHOUTcast Radio" and not "UberStations". Search for: "Das Klub Radio".

7 months ago

Might be a good idea to update the page then so people know what to look for...just saying

7 months ago

Thanks for pointing it out, it was a recent modification. Radio page updated.

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