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New Store Stuff Ideas

I don't know if anyone would be interested but those who bought the Kalendar might have also gotten a really cool Das Klub round sticker. I'd like to see if we could possibly add those to the store for purchase...hint hint. :-) I'd by five at least. Anyone?

Posted By: HalfOgre0520 HalfOgre0520
8 months ago 2017-02-15  

8 months ago

There are only a few remaining, you can download the logo and make your own if you want, not sure when more will be printed.

logo: https://dasklub.com/content...

8 months ago

That is so cool! Now I have something new to print on my vinyl cutter! Thank you!

8 months ago

Would someone convert this from Illustrator to *.png or something? Cheers ^^
Also are the t-shirts sold out?

8 months ago

You can convert it with Illustrator or use this jpeg https://scontent.fsnc1-1.fn...

Edited   8 months ago

I am actually interested in a t-shirt. If I was to download the image and have it printed off, would it be okay if I got my local silkscreen shop to make a shirt with the Das Klub logo on it? I wanna do public advertisement for the site.

8 months ago

For personal use, there is no problem

8 months ago

Thanks for the jpeg! Decent quality.

7 months ago

i always wanted a to get a shirt but since i have the logo now i can go get a shirt with the das klub logo :)

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