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Premium membership features

In an effort to find ways to support Das Klub, I am curious about the idea of premium membership. I've thought about this since the beginning of the website being created and currently have "supporters". With this you can see who has viewed your profile.

I don't believe anyone is becoming a supporter on this site just for seeing who viewed their profile. If I found advertisers then I think supporters could get no advertisements.

My question is, what features should be added if you are a supporter/ premium member? Or even, what features should be removed unless you are a supporter/ premium member?

I would probably make it $10-15/ year to have this membership level and need 50 or more people to pay this amount each year. I would give all existing supporters a free year.

Free accounts with basic functionality like having a profile, sending messages and writing to the forum would still exist.

This seems like a practical thing to offer if the features to add are not too complicated or the ones to remove are nice but not essential.

An example premium membership feature could be something like, having the ability to create polls in the forum or having access to a forum section only for premium members.

I am curious about this possibility, please share your opinions.

Posted By: admin admin
4 months ago 2017-07-12  

4 months ago

I am not really sure if this concept works out. I know many pages offer something similar but the DK Community is not really active... I can't really think of features which would work out, with the lack of activity here...

Also I only use the very basic features and am perfectly happy with that ^^

4 months ago

I like the idea of having an premium membership, there could be features yes and your right that people dont pay only for "the air, they breathe". But if some of us are willing to pay for a premium membership, could we safe the basics here? I like to pay a membership only that it remains alive. If we like to have this page with his basics..why not paying for? So we have those here who are worth it and thats the important reason. Having people who would like to come in contact with other same minded people, to have a secured place only for us. So why not if it will work?

4 months ago

I think one thing that would be great to offer to premium members is the chance to download music that is featured on Das Klub radio. I mean who doesn't wanna get music for $10-15 a year?

4 months ago

It's not going to be possible to download music. That is an entirely different problem, you have to pay the artists and then basically nothing is left over.

Site activity and paying for extra features are two separate issues. Site activity increases when things like contests occur.

In all of the history of this site there have been 36 people who have donated as of now. Not all of these people are still active but even this amount of people would be helpful.

I'm trying to come up with ideas so, it doesn't have to be just one thing. A successful Kalendar, getting even 20 people to pay for premium membership, adding ads to this site and a few other little things could be all that's needed so thinking about ways things can work, even just a little bit, added up, could be enough.

4 months ago

You could always have ads for clothing shops here. Like rivithead and the like.

4 months ago

Did you ever think about starting a patreon?

Might be a better option because you can use a huge framework and upload exclusive stuff all the same.

4 months ago

I have not created a patreon account because I am not sure what additional content I can offer on a recurring basis.

4 months ago

I have just created a Patreon account. Please contribute there --> https://www.patreon.com/das...


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