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Your home sound system

You can't listen to electronic music without speakers, what type of speakers do you think are the best for playing music at home? Maybe you have a crazy customized home sound system or just speakers from a regular company, what do you use?

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5 months ago 2017-06-26  

5 months ago

Personally I use: Bose Companion 3 Series II multimedia speaker system and have for many years. Even with these I get noise complaints in an apartment.

5 months ago

A 5.1 hifi-home cinema system with Heco speakers (Heco Victa Series: 700 frontspeakers, Victa 100 center, for the cage: Heco Victa 300 with Sony STR-DE 405 Amplifier), rear speaker: JBL Control one pro speakers and a huge Yamaha reciever (RX A820 Advantage) in the living room where the dancing cage is ;D
My speakers for my pc are: EDIFIER Studio R1280DB :D
I love all of them because you can listen to all kinds of music - It gives me the creeps :)

But our real Hifi-Equipment is in our car :D xD :D

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