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Blind Guardian, Kovenant, Therion, Micheal Jelonek, FGDC820

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Pain, eluveitie, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, slayer, Fear Factory, Obituary, cradle of FILTH, DEVIL DRIVER, AS I LAY DYING, dornenreich, emilie Autumn, serj tankian, Children of Bodom, Turmion, Opeth, Novembre, Pain of salvation, Gammaray, Motorhead, Sabaton, Arkona, Varg, Angra, Noisuf-X, Track Zero, Aesthetic Perfection, Amphi 2014, combchrist,


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  • Volle kraft voraus ich komme
  • Simeone comes? Kommt jemand?
  • My chirstmas present...the only one I want...
  • Happy 4th birthday tzunami....the only place in my heart
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