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me and my friend enjoying Suicide Commando

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I'm a DJ here in Denver, I love Industrial music and making new friends. I'm a disabled Army combat veteran, goth model for Goth Entertainment, and industrial dancer.

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Bands I listen to: A7IE, Aborym, Abyss and Judge, Acylum, Aesthetic Perfection, Agonoize, Alien Vampires, Alienoxir, Amduscia, And One, Angels on Acid, Angelspit, Asphyxia, Assemblage 23, Ayria, Blakopz, Blaqk Audio, Blutengel, C-Lekktor, Centhron, Chamaeleon, Cold Sequence, Cold Therapy, Colony 5, Combichrist, Das Ich, DETROIT DIESEL, Die Sektor, Dioxyde, Dismantled, DYM, E Nomine, Eden Synthetic Corp, Eisenfunk, Extize, Faderhead, FGFC820, Flesh Field, Freakangel, Front Line Assembly, Frozen Plasma, Funker Vogt, God Module, Grendel, H.EXE, Hocico, Icon of Coil, Imperative Reaction, Incubite, Just Deux, Leaether Strip, Ludovico Technique, Menschdefekt, Mind Shredder, Miss Construction, Modulate, Mordacious, Nachtmahr, Neuroticfish, Nightmare City, Noisuf-X, Nurzery[Rhymes], Phosgore, Proyecto Crisis, Psyborg Corp, Psyclon Nine, Pzychobitch, Razed in Black, Rotersand, SAM, Shiv-r, SIN D.N.A., Skinny Puppy, Sleetgrout, Straftanz, Studio-X, Suicide Commando, Surgyn, Syndrome X209, System Syn, Systemshock, T3RROR 3RROR, Tactical Sekt, Technikult of Flesh, Terminal Choice, Terrorlokaust, Terrorkode, Uberbyte, Unter Null, Valium Era, Vault-113, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation, Wynardtage, X-Fusion, X-rx, Xentrifuge, XMH, XP8, Xperiment, Zardonic, Zombie Girl, 00tz 00tz, :Wumpscut, [:SITD:]

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  • me and my friend enjoying Suicide Commando
  • Johan von Roy of Suicide Commando, he put the BEST show ever
  • Denver Zombie Crawl
  • I'll show you, the dark side
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