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Review: A.E.C. - Sex.Drug.Sequence

Review: A.E.C. - Sex.Drug.Sequence

A review of A.E.C. - "Sex.Drug.Sequence," experimental EBM from San Francisco. AEC is: Tyler Newman (voice and electronics) and Stacey Purcell (voice).

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To start this review off, first rewind 12 years. In 2002, A.E.C. (duo Tyler Newman and Stacey Purcell) began developing an album in the Synthpop / Industrial Dance genre. By the end of 2004, the work was finished and titled “Sex.Drug.Sequence.” 
Once completed, the group unfortunately could not continue due to cautious record labels. The album was left alone with plans to release in 1-2 years but, as usual, life happened and the album instead waited ten years, finally being released May 13, 2014. The piece is “a chronicle of physical and emotional addictions, and the limits of control.” With a description like that, I expected something chaotic, changing from heavy to soft, etc. Instead the album focused on mellow beats and ambience that are perfectly harmonized with original lyrics sung in both male and female vocals.
“Supernatural” opens the 12 track album with deep male vocals over light synth and ominous ambience. This track sets the mood for the rest of the release: subtle and simple, but most of all entrancing, whether with dance-able beats or slow trance-like synth. Other faster and notable tracks include “Cliché,” “Still,” and “Manipulate Me,” each with a dance-able beat.
Tracks like “The Strength of Steel,” “Move Together,” and “Final” display A.E.C.’s mastery of the opposite, utilizing soft ambience and female vocals to create harmonized slower tracks. The album also features two remixes: “Supernatural (She Leaves a Trace)” and “Still (Confused).” I found little appreciation for these and prefer the originals myself.
Although not the fanciest album out there, “Sex.Drug.Sequence” is still a great listen, especially for those who appreciate the deeper side of music rather than hard beats and the party scene. A good 3-4/5 from me.
1. supernatural 05:01
2. pain 06:07
3. the strength of steel 05:51
4. cliche 05:31
5. still 04:14
6. cold glass 05:48
7. move together 05:58
8. manipulate me 04:53
9. sequential 05:32
10. final 05:03
11. supernatural (she leaves a trace) 04:58
12. still (confused) 06:11

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