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Amelia Arsenic Interview (2017)

Amelia Arsenic Interview (2017)

An interview with Amelia Arsenic recorded at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, California during the Valentine's Death tour.

Watch Amelia Arsenic interview video on YouTube here


Admin: This is Admin Ryan for Das Klub and I’m currently at DNA Lounge in San Francisco, California with musician and fashion designer Amelia Arsenic from Sydney, Australia, who’s currently on tour. You’ve lived in Berlin, New York, London and Sydney, which of these cities has the best community for artist in your opinion?


Amelia: That’s a hard question. Berlin is awesome because it’s cheap. You can live on €400 a month in rent in a pretty nice place. London is awesome because it’s the hub of Europe really, so all the touring acts come through there, there’s more opportunities. New York's really great too but it’s also really expensive. I felt like I’ve had a lot of lucky rent adventures where I’ve been able to get on some good deals. That’s allowed me to live in all these places. But yeah, I don’t know, I’m trying to think which one’s the best one for artists. Maybe Berlin and that’s probably where I’ll go next.

Admin: As a fashion designer, what is your opinion on the cyber goth style? 


Amelia: Wow, I guess when I was younger that’s what I really was into and probably still am to an extent but everything’s changing. So yeah, we really don’t put plastic in our hair and have like springy deadlocks and things anymore.


Admin: What does your ideal music studio look like? 


Amelia: Interesting. You know what, I think if you would have asked me this question a few years ago, I’d be like: “I need to have heaps of modular synths, it needs to be a really cool looking place with really nice speakers and what have you. But because I’ve spent so much time traveling over the years, I feel like the studio is just wherever I am at the time. So a good pair of headphones and my laptop is kind of all I need for the moment. And then, when I get a chance, I go to my friends’ studios or hire one when I have better equipment. I’ve stopped holding onto the idea of having the perfect studio because I think I treasure the idea of traveling around, of being free from the constrictions of making my roots somewhere if that makes any sense.


Admin: I read that you consider yourself an optimist, how does that mindset work with your darker themed music and imagery? 


Amelia: Wow, that’s a great question. I really am an optimist. I feel like it’s really important to my personality because otherwise how do I motivate myself to do all these things and keep going as an artist? But I don’t know, I fell like it doesn’t necessarily impact on the content of what I make. No matter what I do, everything that I ever make is always dark in content. I can’t write a happy thing. I can’t write anything about Spring Break or being in love or some shit, it’s always dark and it’s always been that way so I feel like it’s just being true to who I am. 


Admin: Why is it so hard for you to write songs that are happy or about love?  

Amelia: Because that’s not what I think about when I wake up, I just think about doom and destruction and darkness, I don’t know why. I mean, honestly that cheesy stuff makes me so sick.


Admin: Music wise, are there any releases that you plan in the next year? 


Amelia: Yeah, I’ve actually got a 6 track EP coming out that I wrote with my friend Sean from Cyanotic from Glitch Mode Recordings in Chicago. That’s just being mixed and mastered so that should come out pretty soon, like after I finish the tour and finish it. It was meant to be done before the tour but it’s really hard to get things done over Christmas and New Years. And I also wrote another EP with my friend Pete from Blind Mice Recordings from Shiv-R, the band Shiv-R, and we have another EP in the works, so two EPs. I guess if you combine them that would make an album but they’re very different in tone so we’ll see how it goes. Lots of new stuff and touring and new fashion releases and I’ll be very busy this year. I just felt like finally waking up and kick starting my brain after, gosh, a three year hiatus, so it’s pretty nice to be back. 

Admin: Do you have any release dates planned? 


Amelia: Probably in March, what month are we? Yeah, March. 


Admin: Where can people find more information about you, websites and online social media? 


Amelia: My most trafficked thing is probably Instagram. Instagram.com/ameliaarsenic. I just post pictures of food and make up, animals, happy times. But yeah, I also have my w ebsite: ameliaarsenic.com and if you follow me on Soundcloud I’im also Amelia Arsenic, gosh, I’m pretty sure all the place I’ve reserved Amelia Arsenic, just look me up. If you email me I’ll send you some free music, I’m chill, let’s be friends. 


Admin: Awesome, free music is never a bad thing.


Amelia: Yeah, totally, I”m happy to do that because I don’t think anyone buys CDs anymore so whatever. As long as you enjoy it, I’m happy to give it to you. 

Admin: Cool, well, thank you so much for the interview and to everyone watching, please check out Carbon Black by Amelia Arsenic. I’d like to wish you safe travels, is there anything else you’d like to say? 


Amelia: I just want to say, thanks for having me. I’ll be back, gosh, I didn’t expect to, I’ve had a couple of really killer shows on my tour, this is the 4th date but it’s made me realize that I should be here more often in this hemisphere so I’m excited. We’ll be back in in the summertime I think to do a full tour and thanks for listening and like, add me, let’s be friends on the internet, I’m pretty friendly, I think, am I? No, I don’t know. 


Admin:  You are friendly, thank you again.


Amelia: My pleasure. 


Admin: This is Admin Ryan reporting for Das Klub in San Francisco. 

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