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Dark Machine Nation Interview (2017)

Dark Machine Nation Interview (2017)

An interview with Dark Machine Nation, a solo Powernoise project based in Ohio. DMN plans to release a new album called "Purify" soon.

Admin: The first song that I came across by Dark Machine Nation was "Noise & Pestilence" back in early 2016. This song made me more interested in learning about the project. I later saw it was the title of your first DMN release. What was your motivation behind creating this song?


DMN: As a whole, my albums tell the story of a villainous character named Therion Major, a name I use on my social media outlets. This character possesses control over a multitude of combat machines, seeking to overthrow society... Thus the name... Dark Machine Nation.

In this song, our main character is summoning forth this nation of machines, which explains the repeated phrase, "dark machine nation, rise." 

The whole motivation behind this theme is my ongoing interest in both machines, technology and science fiction. I have always said that I'm more of a nerd than an artist... This is perhaps the most elaborate manifestation of that.


Admin: Many of your songs are aggressive and power themed. What music do you personally like that is the most different from your own? 


DMN: Honestly? Deep House, Trance, and other seemingly "soft" styles of electronic dance music. My friends know me as a remarkably peaceable guy, so it fits. This is, of course, in addition to metal, industrial, and gabber/hardcore techno. The latter of these is the primary influence for my sound.


Admin: How and where do you often find new music that inspires you?

DMN: Generally I'll go to YouTube and let their search suggestion engine find new music in various styles for me. There is much to discover out there, and I don't want to limit myself only to "dark" music.

I'm a huge fan of live music, in all the styles I've mentioned, and I go to shows often, as you'll see on my Instagram. I'm always looking for new sounds, so shoot me a message and share something good! 

Admin: What do you like and dislike about living in Ohio?

DMN: I've heard it said that "Ohio ain't bad, if you've never been anywhere else." Well, I've been other places, and it deserves more credit. I've seen various national and international acts in my hometown of Dayton, OH as well as in Columbus and Cincinnati. 

Some of these include metal bands such as Obituary and The Acacia Strain, electro-industrial acts Angelspit and Aesthetic Perfection, as well as multiple EDM DJs and producers. There is a lot to do here if you're willing to look.

...So that's what I like. All I DISlike is the damn winter! 


Admin: In your bio, you mention that you were raised in an religious environment. What religion were you raised with?

DMN: I was raised a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. If you're not familiar with what that is, Google it... I don't care to explain all the over-complications of that particular faith. 

All I know now is that logic and compassion are enough to live a good life, which is what I have. These days I am intentionally happy and compulsively content. I regret nothing. 


Admin: In research, you said that you were studying to become a minister and later gave up on religion. What was the turning point in your life that made this decision necessary?

DMN: As I mentioned before, it was a movement away from the complicated theology I was raised with and taught all the way up until my early adulthood. This was not something I took lightly, not something motivated by angst or bitterness toward the church. I know and love many Christians, family and friend alike, and they have, by and large, been excellent to me.

As I began to question my faith around the year 2012, I found that the less "Christian" I tried to act, the more peace I felt, as I no longer had to be false to myself or pretend to be "holy." Many of the old ideas I was taught about God and prayer, simply did not hold up to logical or even ethical thought.

I progressed from Christianity to a naturalistic form of pantheism, which is simply to hold a deep honor for the cosmos and nature as a whole, based on a scientific perspective. After then came a Zen phase, followed quickly by an obsession with the occult, Atheistic Satanism, and other ritualistic philosophies. 

All of that searching has calmed down now, as I consider myself more of an agnostic atheist, using ritual only for managing my frame of mind. If you see me happy, and you often will, it is because of that simple ritual, based on the simple idea that I am a powerful part of everything around me. I wouldn't have arrived where I am mentally were it not for the ideas I encountered along the way.


Admin: I haven't been able to find any official music videos for Dark Machine Nation online (excluding DJ/VJ ones on YouTube), are there any out there and if not, are you planning any in the near future?

DMN: I have loose plans in place for a music video, but in the meantime, I will be uploading my entire back catalogue to YouTube, so check me out there, and stay tuned for more to come. 


Admin: There are very few black Industrial/ Powernoise artists (and fans), what are your thoughts on this topic?

DMN: Well first off, I'd like to see more! 

I'm actually very glad you brought that up, since matters of race and ethnicity are a very hot topic right now, as I believe they've always been. I have determined that my skin color will not hold me back, even though what I'm doing defies a number of racial stereotypes, I will persist. It's what I love.

I don't shy away from *compassionate* conversation about race, and I think if the current climate is to change, we will need to have more understanding and open discussion, less screaming debates, and political change in the direction of fairness and inclusion, rather than the status quo of seclusion and elitism.


Admin: Powernoise shows are seldom known for their live instruments. In your opinion, what makes for the most engaging type of live performance in the Powernoise arena?


DMN: I really do hate to say this, but probably because of my location, I've never seen a Powernoise act live, besides my own. I have seen Electro-industrial and harsh noise performances though, and what I can say is, visuals of any kind are amazing. I've seen digital projectors, LEDs, outlandish outfits, not to mention the wall of age-old speakers. 

I think just like with any business, religion, or political party, image matters. It adds something to a live show, I think, to look the way one's music sounds. And that's basically what I go for now. A druidic hood, with cyber clothing, a DJ table set up like an altar, a wall hanging with my gear/pentagram logo on it... Just little touches I like to add.

Admin: If you could create your dream concert for Dark Machine Nation, which bands would join you?

DMN: I'm happy to say that I've been booked for such a show, coming up October 27th, I'll be opening for FGFC820 and Die Sektor, the latter of which I've seen twice and absolutely love both as performers, producers, and people. The whole event is hosted by DF Productions, an excellent promotions company of which a few friends of mine are a part. I can't wait.

Other than this, I have high hopes to play nationally and overseas, at any festival for noise/ industrial music. I'm eager and ready to make some noise!


Admin: What gear, software and hardware, do you find yourself most productive with and why?

DMN: I have a two-part system for my music. Production on PC, live play on hardware-based DJ setup. For my home studio, I use an open-source tracker called Psycle, while some find the interface too limiting, it is its simplicity which drives my creativity. More and more, I find my setup getting simpler rater than more complicated.

That same idea goes for my live setup, which is basically a DJ rig with an effects module. I use two Denon DN-S3700 digital turntables with motorized platters. The interface is intuitive and tactile, just what I need. My mixer needs an upgrade, but currently I'm using a Behringer NOX303, with 3 channels and built-in effects. Lastly, I use Korg KAOSS pad [MK3] for my vocal effects and some noisy pad synth. 

I use effects often, on all the aforementioned equipment, which I believe adds live and drama to my performances, taking it past what you'd get by simply playing my albums. Live mixing, beatmatching, and on-the-fly-samples blend with live vocals for a sound I've heard described as a "wall of sound."


Admin: What are you currently working on and when can people expect to hear it?


DMN: My next album, "Purify" is coming soon! I have samples online at: soundcloud.com/darkmachinenation


Admin: Where can people find updates about DMN online?

DMN: Stream/ download on Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/darkmachinenation

Purchase my albums on Bandcamp: darkmachinenation.bandcamp.com

Facebook: facebook.com/darkmachinenation

Also, I'm a social media junkie, so follow me:

Instagram: @DarkMachineNation
Twitter: @DarkMachination


Thank you for your time, Das Klub!

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  • 6 months ago
    DESite Supporter

    I like his musicstyle he gives to his songs, it`s really powerful. I listened to it before I see his interview here :o I didn`t know much about his history but he seems to be an interesting person

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